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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

The Grunt Captain is a Pilot Burn Card deployable in Titanfall: Assault. Upon capturing a Mobile Hardpoint, he calls in two Shield Grunts to help defend the point. He is armed with a L-STAR, dealing excellent damage against robotic targets.


The Grunt Capt. is best used at the start of the game, since you are most likely not going to have the time and supply to deploy it often due to its high cost. The Shield Grunts it deploys can be very useful to prevent your opponent from backcapping the A hardpoint. However unlike the Spectre Capt., the Shield Grunts remain stationary and do not assist in capturing other hardpoints. When using this Pilot, fill your other Pilot slots with Pilots that are cheaper (2 supply) so that you are not at risk of being unable to deploy Pilots later in the game.