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IMC and Militia troops

Grunts are a form of NPC, or minion, featuring in both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Primarily, they serve as adversaries in the campaign mode in Titanfall 2, and as one of the types of minion used to broaden the scale of multiplayer matches.

Grunts are very weak and easy to kill. Therefore, upon killing one, they only grant a small amount of experience points, unlike killing a Pilot. Unlike the Spectre, their robotic counterpart, they are human foot soldiers, part of the IMC Marine Corps and Militia Riflemen.

They do not pose any real threat to a Pilot, except when in large numbers, otherwise acting as cannon fodder. In Titanfall multiplayer, Grunts' kills do not count towards the team's Attrition score, unless the Burn Card Conscription is used.


Standard equipment of Grunts consists of either the R-101 Compact Carbine, or the EVA-8 Shotgun and an Archer Heavy Rocket used to combat hostile Titans. They do not aim down sights, so their accuracy is the same as hipfiring, meaning they don't have very good accuracy. They also do not lock on their rockets when firing at a Titan. In Titanfall 2 they use a larger variety of weapons, and do not use Anti-Titan weapons.

Health: 100



Damage When Used By Pilot

Damage When Used By Grunt

R-101C Carbine Close Range: 50

Long Range: 40

Close Range: 30

Long Range: 20

EVA-8 Shotgun Close Range: 285

Long Range: 28

Close Range: 50

Long Range: 25

Archer Heavy Rocket (Against Titans)


(Against Titans)


Jump Kick 200 100



Grunts will call out an alarm for enemy Pilots when they are nearby. They also have scripted animations when stumbling upon them occasionally, such as pulling another injured Grunt to safety or engaging in hand-to-hand combat with enemy Grunts or Spectres. If you assist them in this situation, the Grunt will thank you. If an enemy Pilot gets to close and does not attack, a Grunt may punch or kick the Pilot, wounding him or her. Grunts also have conversations during gameplay, such as speculation about Pilots, debating why they do not have access to Jump Kits, and discussing rumors floating around on both sides. If you are in your Titan, and you can corner them or chase them enough without them getting killed or you being distracted by enemies, then the grunt will do a variation of things:

  • He will throw down his gun and pace angrily, then get down onto the ground and pound the floor with his fist.
  • He will shakily drop his gun and get on his knees, holding his hands up in surrender.
  • He will fall to his knees, drop/loosely hold his gun, and hang his head, shrugging sadly.

Upon stumbling on them as a Pilot, Grunts may have a variety of scripted animations, during which they cannot attack or perform anything else until the animation is over:

  • Engaging in CQC against 1 or 2 other Grunts at a time.
  • Executing a Grunt with an Eva-8.
  • Dragging a wounded teammate to cover (the teammate will eventuay expire and bleed out once successfully in cover).
  • Two Grunts may engage a Spectre, with the Spectre effortlessly holding back a Grunt's punch whilst shooting another before snapping his neck.
  • A Spectre may bash a Grunt's head into a wall repeatedly, killing him.

A Spectre may bash a Grunt's head into a wall repeatedly, killing him.

  • A damaged Spectre crawling up to a backpedalling Grunt, leading to him bashing the Spectre dead with his rifle.
  • A Spectre may be holding up a Grunt by the neck, eventually snapping it.

Titanfall 2

Grunts function similarly to the first game, but some aspects are changed. The unique animations that play when stumbling upon them were removed, likely due to the shift into the extremely fast paced gameplay of multiplayer, meaning most of the animations will often be overlooked. The number of Grunts themselves have been noticably reduced, although this is compensated by the addition of more minion units such as the Stalker and Reaper. Grunt quotes have noticably become less varied as well; casual chatter between Grunts have been removed entirely, with only battle-context quotes remaining (some, especially the Militia are copied from the campaign).


Titanfall 2



  • They're trying to corner us!
  • Keep moving forward!
  • We can't stay here! Move, move!
  • Keep it together! Stay in formation, eyes forward!
  • We can't let them pin us down, we need to move!
  • Look, a Pilot! Now the odds are in our favour.
  • Back up, back up!
  • Reinforcements, on your six!
  • Keep firing!
  • Hostile Titan, HOSTILE TITAN! RUN!
  • What the hell is that?! (referring to the Reaper)


  • 12-14, hostile Pilot spotted!
  • Hostile Pilot spotted, stay sharp!
  • Woah, he moved! Over there!
  • Pick up the pace! Fire, fire!
  • Focus fire on that Titan!

  • We lost a soldier!
  • Man down!
  • 10 double O, soldier down!

  • 10-23, my squad is down. Need back up!
  • Squad's down! 10-23, I'm on my own here!
  • Squad's down. Just me, I'll hold them off!
  • 12-16, thermite smoke! Spread out!

  • 12-15, target is cloaked.
  • 12-13, hostile Titan spotted!
  • Friendly Titan on site, ready to support.



  • Grunts are typically armed with a primary weapon and/or Anti titan weapon.
    • An exception to this are Kraber-wielding grunts who draw a P2016 when the player comes too close. Some are also seen equipped solely with a Wingman.
  • Grunts have more weapon variety in the game mode Frontier Defense as they can be seen equipped with Spitfire Light Machine Gun, Hemlok BF-R, Sidewinder thus making them a serious threat especially if one is equipped with the Spitfire which can easily kill a distracted pilot.
  • In Titanfall 2's campaign, grunts can be seen armed with Volts, Flatlines, Spitfires, Alternators, EPGs, Krabers, Mozambiques, Mag Launchers, G2s, L-STARS, CARs, Electric Smoke Grenades and Firestars.
    • These armaments seem to depend on what level the player is in.
  • There is a grunt on the Militia side named Barry, he is referenced several times in dialogue.
  • During the Shadowfall event in Apex Legends, zombified Grunts can be seen jumping out of supply crates. Killing them will grant loot.