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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

She can't take a lot of damage, but keep her safe and she'll help clear out groups of Infantry and chip away at other Pilots.
— In-game description

Grenadier is a Pilot Burn Card appearing in Titanfall: Assault. She is equipped with a Sidewinder, and excels in chipping away at the health of infantry units.


The Grenadier excels at wiping out teams of infantry, like a squad of Grunts sitting on a Hardpoint, so using her to clear a lightly guarded Hardpoint is a good option. However, she is a very fragile Pilot and will more than likely be gunned down by any enemy Pilot, so it's best to make sure she has an escort. The Grenadier can be almost taken out with 1 volley of a whole team of Rocket Grunts.

The Grenadier is a curious counter to Arc Drones - although her anti-robotic DPS is mediocre, the drones' anti-personnel damage is also low, so her AoE damage will let her win a direct fight, at a favorable supply trade.