Gremlins are four-wheeled ground vehicles featured in Titanfall. Commonly found on maps like Relic, Outpost 207 and Airbase Sierra, they are never seen active (much like other ground vehicles) and only function as cover for pilots and other infantry. 

The Gremlin seems to be the equivalent of a Humvee or other lightly-armored troop transport vehicle, given its size and appearance. Four-wheeled, and with protective bars over all glass, the Gremlin somewhat resembles an oversized pickup truck, complete with a covered cargo bed in the rear. A spotlight is mounted on the front corner of the hood, on a mount that appears capable of swiveling. A spare tire is attached to the back, above the rear bumper, along with a large antenna strapped down against the roof.

The Gremlin features a top-mounted turret that seems to be capable of rotating 360 degrees. Additionally, two smoke grenade launchers are seen on the vehicle; one is mounted beside the turret, and the other is attached to the rear of the vehicle, on the edge of the truck's bed. There is what appears to be various amounts of radio equipment on the dashboard, with a laptop of sorts built into the passenger's side. Between the two front seats is a slot for carrying the driver's weapon, which holds a half-textured Hemlock BF-R.


  • The Gremlin is only ever referred to as such in the model and texture files of Titanfall.
  • The interior of the vehicle's model seems to have been accidentally duplicated, as there are two steering wheels, four front seats, and so on.