The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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Gravity Star is a Pilot Ordnance in Titanfall 2. Used like a traditional grenade, this throwing-star shaped ordnance sticks into any surface. After a short delay, the grenade generates a blurry purple field around it which pulls in enemies and projectiles before exploding. The Gravity star is especially useful as it can gather multiple enemies and trap them for you to pick off, and the final explosion will finish off the strong ones. Although the gravity field is inescapable for Grunts, Spectres are able to escape if they happen to jump at the right time, and pilots are fast enough to get out of the area of effect if they are far enough away.


  • The Gravity Star's field affects all projectile-based attacks, even L-STAR shots. It is possible to throw a gravity star at a corner and fire a weapon like a mastiff or a sidewinder into the edge of the effect to curve around corners to hit hidden enemies.
  • The Gravity Star can effect a Tripwire mine, detonating the whole set after going off itself.
  • Another tactic: when a pilot is ejecting, throw a gravity star on top of the titan and then the ejecting pilot will be trapped and die in the explosion.
  • The Gravity star, if thrown in front of a Drop Pod, can capture and destroy a whole group of Grunts.
  • A Gravity star can also be used to stop an enemy pilot from leaving a team member's titan when performing a rodeo.
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