Glitch is a mulitplayer map for Titanfall 2. The map was added in the A Glitch in the Frontier update on April 25, 2017.


Glitch is based on the VR simulation Tai Lastimosa puts Jack Cooper through as the game's single-player tutorial, which was itself based on the planet Harmony.

The stage's architecture is primarily stone, either carved block walls, or natural basalt columns similar to those found on Homestead. Cherry trees and red wooden panels and glass decorate many areas of the map, lending a powerful feeling of tranquility greatly at odds with the carnage occurring there. Gravity does not always work correctly, and it's common to see blocks floating in the air near walls and water falling upwards in the many streams crossing the stage.

Lastimosa noted to Cooper that the simulation was based off his own memories, suggesting that it could have been based off his own home, or another location that otherwise featured prominently in his life. It is presumed, however, that the floating architecture and other physics-defying properties are purely for the simulation and not actually representative of life on Harmony.

Gameplay Edit

The map is heavily objective-based, with one side lit in the team's color(blue), and the other in the enemy's(orange). At each end of the map is a room that can holds either the team's flag stand for Capture the Flag or a hardpoint for Amped Hardpoint, and a map showing the present positions of all friendly players. In the middle is a bridge over a deep canal, which will hold the third hardpoint, or the flag for Live Fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a simulation like War Games, Glitch begins with the normal Dropship deployment animation instead of the Sim Pod deployment.
  • Despite being a simulation, corpses will not immediately "pixelate" and fade out like Holo-Pilots as they do on War Games. These are both likely just development oversights, as the assets for War Games were not introduced at the time of the Glitch in the Frontier DLC.

Gallery Edit

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