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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The 6-4 is a family, and we'll kick your arse!
— Gates's battle cry

Gates is the section commander of The 6-4, a Militia-sympathetic independent faction of bounty hunters and freelance Pilots. A skilled Grapple Pilot herself, she is a supporting character in the single-player campaign of Titanfall 2, the 6-4 playing a critical support role in the Militia's victory at the Battle of Typhon. She is also present as leader of the 6-4 faction in the game's multiplayer.


The 6-4 is a tight-knit fraternity of Pilots and freelancers that place value on teamwork and camraderie, and few exemplify this like Commander Gates herself. She lives and breathes for the 6-4 and its members, taking pride in their elite status and treating the organization like her own family - she explicitly says as much herself. As a field commander, she acts casually and even a little crass, but she is highly encouraging of her Pilots while keeping them on task and completing objectives.

Gates is the bellwether of the 6-4, the faction typically sharing in her personal beliefs. As exemplified by the 6-4's practices, she prides herself on her principles and ideals; she will turn down contracts that she does not personally agree with or otherwise infringe on her rights and beliefs. That said, she finds most common ground with the Militia's cause: she believes the Frontier should be independent and free from the IMC and its oppression. She insists on going about things her own way, however, free from the Militia command structure and with her own ideas of how to win independence for the Frontier.



Gates, along with the 6-4 as a whole, would deploy in the later stages of the Battle of Typhon, following the succesful activation of an IMC Interstellar Beacon by Pilot Jack Cooper and the 3rd Militia Grenadiers. Deploying in Blackbird Squadron, the 6-4 would attempt to help the Militia with stopping the IMS Draconis from delivering the Ark to the Fold Weapon. She, along with Bear, Davis, and Droz, assisted Militia Pilot Jack Cooper in the boarding and hijacking of the IMS Malta, one of the carriers escorting the Draconis.[1]


After clearing the bridge with the help of the others, Gates and the 6-4 provided cover fire during Cooper's battle with Viper atop the Malta itself. They maintained control of the carrier and its guns and used it to prevent reinforcements from surrounding Cooper, with Gates reassuring Cooper that they have his back.[2]

Gates continues to serve as section commander for the 6-4; she is the faction's field commander and announcer in the game's multiplayer component.


  • Like the other members of the 6-4, Gates wears a helmet design from the first Titanfall that isn't presently available to players.
  • Also like the other members of the 6-4, Gates has yet to reveal her face to the player, wearing her Pilot helmet at all times. Of the four female leads in Titanfall 2 (herself, Sarah Briggs, Ash and Slone), she is the only one not to show her face.
  • Gates was originally concieved as a female alternative to Jack Cooper, known as "Jill" Cooper; this is because Titanfall 2's campaign was originally going to allow the player to choose the player character's gender.[3][4] As development continued, this feature was scrapped, and Gates became a separate character entirely.[Note 1]
  • In the Titanfall 2 Tech Test and in the multiplayer at launch, Gates used a model that was essentially a re-textured Jack Cooper, and even had the same tattoos. This was changed to her proper campaign model in the A Glitch in the Frontier update.



  1. Game files for Gates' character model refer to her by the name "Jill". It can be inferred thus that the character was created based on the Jill Cooper concept. This Reddit thread delves into the subject in more detail.