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The Freeport System is a star system on The Frontier. It is home to at least two planets and several moons. Currently, the system is the headquarters for the Freeport Brigade, and the Frontier Militia as a whole.


Long before the human arrival in the system, at least one low-level civilization had developed - this civilization created several stone structures in the Lagoons of a distant world in the Freeport System.[1]

The system was founded by humans at some point prior to the Frontier War, eventually becoming home to over 40 million inhabitants.[2] At some point, the system would eventually develop its own system of time measurement, the "Freeport Calendar" - apparently separate from the standard date/ year utilized on Earth and in the Core Systems.

By the time of the Frontier War, the Freeport System was home to the Freeport Brigade, one of many Militia brigades assigned to various sectors of the Frontier. The 1st Militia Fleet of this brigade would engage the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation at a variety of sites including the planets Victor and Troy.

After its near-destruction at the hands of the Militia in Angel City, the flagship IMS Sentinel would pull back for repairs in IMC-held drydocks in the system, before being destroyed by the Orbital Defense Cannon at Outpost 207.[3]

After the Battle of Demeter, the system would become the HQ for the Militia as a whole. It would be subjected to intense raids by Spyglass' Remnant Fleet, and at least one IMC Carrier would be disabled in the Lagoons.[4] The planet Harmony would be targeted by the ARES Division during the Battle of Typhon with the intent to destroy the planet via use of the Fold Weapon.[5] However, this would be thwarted by the actions of Jack Cooper and BT-7274.[6]


Harmony is known to host at least two life-bearing planets, though could possibly host more.