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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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Forwardbase Kodai is map a featured in Titanfall 2. It is set in the same region as the IMC Interstellar Beacon featured in The Beacon, in a facility operated by Kodai Industries.



  • In Titan-centric modes such as Last Titan Standing or Titan Brawl, controlling the high ground (the central hill) is vital to victory.
  • Grapple Pilots can effectively slingshot themselves across the whole map into the other team’s spawn at the very start of a match.


  • As stated above, controlling the hill as a Titan will make victory much easier to obtain, especially when Titans become more numerous later in a match.
  • Northstar’s effectiveness on this map is debatable - while there is enough room to peek from, there isn’t much cover to hide especially on the hill. You will likely be quickly decimated by Legions and Monarchs as soon as they come within medium range, as you do not have much defensive utility outside of Tether Traps.
  • If using a CQB oriented loadout as a Pilot, it is advised to stay within the facility itself, under the hill, as most of the combat there happens in close quarters.



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