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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path.
— Description

The Flame Core is a Titan Core Ability in Titanfall 2.[1] It is used by the class Scorch.

Scorch's Flame Core creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path. It does a fair amount of damage (almost 2 bars of health), but it is low compared to other titan cores.

It is generally hard to avoid as it moves quickly, has a wide range, and can pass through walls to a certain degree.


When the core is activated, Scorch will raise its hands and bring them crashing to the ground, emitting a wave of thermite which can kill Titans at low health, and is not limited by becoming doomed.


Although the ability has a fairly long range, it is important to consider that it can only travel along the ground it is cast on (Small steps, stairs etc do not affect it) and must be given time to reach its target.

Also, it has a limited ability to pass through walls as long as the wall does not cover the entire core.


  • Flame core is unique, because it can bypass an enemy Titan's doomed state, but only if its health bar is very low.
  • The Northstar can avoid it altogether using VTOL Hover or Flight Core.
  • Ronin can avoid this core using Phase Dash.
  • The Scorch kit Scorched Earth can be used to add a thermite trail after it, similar to that of Incendiary Trap, allowing it to kill enemies that have very low health as a result of the Flame Core.