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Expedition is a loadout that only appears as being used by Vanguard class Titans in the campaign of Titanfall 2 and is the default loadout for BT-7274.


Expedition is the primary loadout for BT-7274 as well as the loadout used by all other Vanguard class titans that appear in the single player, such as MOB-1316. As Expedition is only available for use during the single player, it uses the same amount of health and available dashes as all of BT-7274's potential loadouts. Expedition's primary weapon is the XO16A2 Chaingun.


Primary Weapon
XO16A2 Chaingun

XO16A2 Chaingun
"20mm armor piercing automatic rifle."


Multi-Target Missile System
"Hold to automatically lock on to many targets at once'."

Electric Smoke

Electric Smoke
"Deploys an electrically charged smoke screen that damages enemies."

TF2 VortexShield Icon

Vortex Shield
"Blocks and returns incoming fire'."

Burst Core
"Automatically fire a stream of Amped bullets."

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