Exoplanet is a map in Titanfall 2.


Exoplanet is set on a biological research station on a remote Frontier world. Owned by Grow , it explores experimental agricultural and/ or hydroponic techniques. The native flora on this planet shares many characteristics with that of Typhon.

Frontier DefenseEdit

Exoplanet can be a challenging Frontier Defense map due to its tight quarters and short sightlines. Northstar is a poor choice here most of the time, and the narrow pathways favour Scorch in particular.

Be ready to take an aggressive approach during the later waves, as swarms of Plasma Drones will begin to make attack runs on the Harvester and can quickly wear it down. Electric Smoke is a strong counter to them, and turrets can be placed on the elevated rocks behind the Armory/Mobile Hardpoint for additional defense.

The Harvester is located just south east of the Headquarters, and most of the action takes place along the northern and eastern edges of the map. Beware of Mortar Titans spawning up near the Silos, DZ3, and over by West Spawn. Defenders can use the tunnel/passage northwest of the Analysis labs to quickly move between these two points, as it is largely ignored by the Remnant Fleet forces.

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