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"Execution" redirects here. For a Pilot melee move, see the Titan finisher move

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Execution is a melee move for Pilots in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. In Titanfall, players can execute enemy Pilots by performing a melee attack when behind one. Execution always plays an animation in which the player breaks the enemy Pilot's, Grunt's or Spectre's neck. Titanfall 2 added a wider variety of animations, many of them tied to various Tactical Abilities, though not tied to the one actually chosen by the player.

Executions can be performed from an angle of 40 degrees behind a enemy from a distance of 2.19075 meters, 35% farther than a regular Jump Kick. Spectres are usually seen executing Grunts, but they can also execute Pilots.


There is only one execution in Titanfall; when approaching an enemy from behind, the player will snap the player's neck by twisting the head 180 degrees around to face the executor.

Titanfall 2

In Titanfall 2, you can trigger an execution animation by performing a melee attack on any humanoid target from behind. This can be done to Pilots, Grunts, and Spectres. A pilot can be killed in the middle of the animation, which might save the life of their target depending on how far into the animation they are killed.

There are several different execution animations, and while they are triggered at random during the campaign, they can be selected for use in multiplayer. The Colony Reborn update introduced the ability to randomly select executions from those unlocked.

Icon Name (Equipment used) Description Unlock Criteria
Neckbreaker "Snap the enemy's neck." Default
In Your Face (Data Knife) "Takedown followed by a Data Knife to the face." Advocate Gift, or 300 credits. (Originally acquired via a Mountain Dew promotional code.)
Grand Theft Semi-Auto (P2016) "Execute your foe with their own pistol." 300 Credits or Advocate Gift
2-3-2 Combo "Two kidney punches ending in a right cross." 300 Credits or Advocate Gift
Knee Plus "Flying knee to the face." 300 Credits or Advocate Gift
Inner Pieces (Phase Shift) "Phase into an unsuspecting victim." Added in Angel City's Most Wanted. Get 50 Execution kills
Late Hit (Stim) "Pummel your enemy at lightning speed." Added in Live Fire. Get 10 Executions with Inner Pieces
Curb Check (Grapple) "Curb check with style using your Grapple." Added in Colony Reborn. Get 75 Execution kills
Get to the Point (Pulse Blade) "Show your opponent up-close how sharp a Pulse Blade is." Added in A Glitch in the Frontier. Get 10 Pulse Blade kills
Now You See Me (Cloak) "Your enemies' death flashes before their eyes." Added in Monarch's Reign. Execute 10 Pilots while Cloaked
Shadow Boxing (Holo Pilot) "Your opponents won't know what hit them." Added in The War Games. Kill 20 Pilots while Holo Pilot or Holo Pilot Nova are active.

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Hole In The Wall (A-Wall) "Build a wall, and let bullets go through them." Added in Postcards From the Frontier. Kill 5 Pilots while A-Wall is active.