The Epilogue, is a final mini-game occurring at the end of an Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, or Pilot Hunter match.

Both teams receive a marker designating where a Crow or Goblin dropship (dependent on which team won) will extract any pilots from the losing side. The winners must hunt down any survivors and kill them.

XP is granted to anyone who manages to escape, and, in the original game to anyone who manages to kill an escapee - this feature is not present in Titanfall 2, where the reward is simply bragging rights.


The Evacuation Dropship is vulnerable to enemy fire, and cunning Pilots may attempt to trap evacuating Pilots or destroy the dropship once the enemy team is aboard. In order to secure the extra XP, it may be prudent to instead apply more complex tactics than just "Escape".

One tactic is to hunt down enemy Titans, ensuring that they cannot wield their powerful weaponry and Core Abilities against the dropship.

Another is to leave Titans and Sentries outside to guard, although in some circumstances this vanguard can be simply ignored; if enemy Titans have a majority of their health remaining. A variation of this method is standing guard within your Titan, which can alleviate the problems with afore mentioned technique, notably Titans' Nuclear Ejection.

Team Name XP Earned Description
Losing Team Epilogue Get to chopper 200 Board the evac dropship.
Hotzone extract 200 Evacuate while the evac dropship is taking damage.
Sole survivor 100 Be the only one to be evacuated.
Team Bonus: Full Team Evac 200 Everybody on your team was evacuated.
Winning Team Epilogue Evac denied 100 Destroy the evacuation dropship.
Killed Evacuating Pilot 50 Kill a Pilot during their evacuation.
Team Bonus: Killed All Combatants 100 All enemy Pilots died during their evacuation.
Single-Handedly Killed All Combatants 200 Kill every enemy Pilot during their evacuation.
Fish in a Barrel 100 Destroy the evacuation dropship while every enemy Pilot is boarded on it.