This article is about the specialised Warpaint types added in Operation Frontier Shield, and may redirect here. For the regular Titan warpaints included in Titanfall 2, see Warpaint.

Elite Warpaints are special customisation camos for both Pilot weapons and Titans in Titanfall 2, added in Operation Frontier Shield, Postcards From the Frontier, Tricks and Treats, Harvest Time and Operation Endeavor. These skins must be purchased similar to Prime Titans. Elite Warpaints provide the owner with a 10% chance per owned Elite Warpaint (Up to 30% chance) to get double XP, and 1 extra merit for everyone else on the player's team after match completion regardless of if they are equipped or not (This effect does not stack).

Weapon Warpaints Edit

Operation Frontier Shield Edit

G2A5 Masterwork Warpaint

G2A5 Battle Rifle

Flatline Blue Fade Warpaint

Blue Fade
V-47 Flatline

Alternator Frontier Patriot Warpaint

Frontier Patriot

EVA Badlands Warpaint

EVA-8 Shotgun

CAR Crimson Fury Warpaint

Crimson Fury

R201 Underground Warpaint

R-201 Assault Rifle

Archer Phantom Warpaint

Archer Heavy Rocket

B3 Aqua Fade Warpaint

Aqua Fade
B3 Wingman

Postcards From the Frontier Edit

Thunderbolt 8-Bit Warpaint

LG-97 Thunderbolt

Spitfire Lead Farmer Warpaint

Lead Farmer
Spitfire LMG

Devotion RSPN Custom Warpaint

RSPN Custom
X-55 Devotion

Hemlok Mochi Warpaint

Hemlok BF-R

Kraber Masterwork Warpaint

Kraber-AP Sniper

R-97 Purple Fade Warpaint

Purple Fade
R-97 SMG

R201 Frontier Patriot Warpaint

Frontier Patriot
R-201 Assault Rifle

Mozambique Crimson Fury Warpaint

Crimson Fury
SA-3 Mozambique

Tricks and TreatsEdit

Sidewinder Elite Warpaint

Sidewinder Elite

Mastiff Elite Warpaint

Mastiff Elite

L-STAR Elite Warpaint

L-STAR Elite

Halloween Limited-Edition WarpaintsEdit

These three special warpaints were added in the Tricks and Treats update on October 31st, to coincide with Halloween. They took the form of themed skins, and were only be available for a limited time, being removed from the store on November 28th.[1]

Spitfire Halloween Warpaint

Halloween Edition Spitfire
Spitfire LMG

R201 Halloween Warpaint

Halloween Edition R-201
R-201 Assault Rifle

CAR Halloween Custom Warpaint

Halloween Edition C.A.R. SMG

Harvest TimeEdit

EPG MRVN Warpaint


Softball Masterwork Warpaint


Volt Heat Sink Warpaint

Heat Sink

Alternator Headhunter Warpaint


R101 Blue Fade Warpaint

Blue Fade
R-101C Carbine

Flatline Badlands Warpaint

V-47 Flatline

Operation EndeavorEdit

Cold War Heat Sink Warpaint

Heat Sink
EM-4 Cold War

Double Take Masterwork Warpaint

D-2 Double Take

Longbow Phantom Warpaint

D-101 Longbow DMR

G2A5 Purple Fade Warpaint

Purple Fade
G2A5 Battle Rifle

R101 Crimson Fury Warpaint

Crimson Fury
R-101C Carbine

R-97 Sky Warpaint

R-97 Compact SMG

Titan Elite WarpaintsEdit

The Titan Elite Warpaints were limited-time skins available for Titans, and are no longer available for purchase after September 25th, 2017 (formerly August 28th, 2017)[2]. They provide increased Aegis Rank progression in Frontier Defense and a visual upgrade on the Titan's shoulder based upon the highest difficulty in Frontier Defense that has been completed with that Titan.

As of Postcards From the Frontier, players are able to toggle the Frontier Defense shoulder plate independant of camos, Warpaints and Prime Titans. This means that players can show off their Frontier Defense achievements with any of their Titan customisation options or wear the new Warpaints without the shoulder plate.

Additionally, players are no longer required to have the Warpaint or Shoulder Plate equipped to recieve their Aegis XP bonus; simply owning the paint will apply the effect.

Difficulty Emblems Edit

Upon completing increasing difficulties of Frontier Defense, the emblem on the shoulder plate of the Titan will change to reflect this achievement.

Callsigns Edit

For completing difficulties of Frontier Defense, players will also earn unique Callsign banners, depicting their Titan and the emblem of their completed difficulty. For a complete list of each unique Banner, see here.

Elite Callsigns

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