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Major Eli Anderson was a Pilot officer with the Frontier Militia's Special Recon Squadron and the commanding officer of Special Operation 217. Anderson was tasked by Commander Sarah Briggs to investigate an IMC research facility, being given a device to help him navigate the area due to the high levels of residual energy there which caused time displacements. This device allowed him to warp between different points in time.

Upon arriving at the facility, Anderson discovered that the IMC was planning on using a weapon of alien design, later known as the Fold Weapon, to destroy the Militia controlled planet of Harmony. Before he could report his findings to Sarah, Anderson was torn in half after an attacking grunt working for the IMC charged at him with a knife while trying to activate his wrist mounted time machine, causing his body to split in two with each half separated at different parts of the facility.


  • Anderson's time in the Gauntlet is 56.65 seconds. Prior to his death, he was placed sixth in the Gauntlet.
  • Anderson uses the same helmet design as Davis, though with a custom chessboard paintjob.