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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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I love this job!
— Droz

Droz Witt was formerly a Pilot working for The 6-4. He is also one of the two founders of The Last Resort, alongside Davis.


Battle of Typhon

Main article: Battle of Typhon


Droz, along with Bear, Davis, and Gates assisted Jack Cooper in the hijacking of the IMS Malta and clearing a path to the IMS Draconis. After clearing the bridge, he and the 6-4 provided cover fire during Cooper's battle with Viper.[1]

The 6-4 maintained control of the Malta and used it to prevent reinforcements from surrounding Cooper and BT-7274 as they fought their way to the Fold Weapon[2]


At an unknown point following the Battle of Typhon, both he and Davis would separate from the 6-4 to form their own mercenary unit, The Last Resort.[3] They provided support for fellow Pilots as they defend various Harvesters throughout The Frontier.[4]


  • He appears to be a Pulse Blade pilot, though - like Gates and Davis - he utilizes a helmet worn by pilots in the first Titanfall.
  • In Frontier Defense, Droz has a patch bearing the emblem of The Last Resort on his Helmet, replacing that of the 6-4 due to his departure from the latter mercenary group.
  • Evelyn Witt, Mirage's mother, mentions that Droz is her brother in a message to her son, making Droz part of the Witt family.