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Drop Pods act as vehicles within the universe of Titanfall. They are used to deploy automated and human infantry to the ground with high precision. Drop Pods can be pressurized for the deployment of human occupants. The pods may also be internally reconfigured in many ways to deliver a wide variety of payloads. Distortion Braking Technology allows drop pods to streak in but decelerate to a survivable speed prior to hitting the ground. The braking results in a visible 'donut-like' distortion effect in the sky, and a bowel shaking, low frequency sound that is hard to miss. [1]

These pods are one of the most effective rapid deployment methods that either side can use, as they can deliver grunts, spectres or on occasion pilots from a ship above orbit to ground in just 17 seconds.


Drop Pods are more frequently used than Drop-ships thanks to their small occupant size and fast deployment, the drop pod will consist of a squad of 3 to 4 Spectres or Grunts (or, in Frontier Defense, Sniper Spectres and Suicide Spectres). The drop pod can not be used for cover as it will shortly disappear after deployment, possibly as a self-destruct or recovery mechanism. Titans can walk through drop pods, killing its occupants before they even step out.

Unlike Dropships, Drop Pods can't be destroyed.

In the campaign mission "The Battle of Demeter", at the beginning of the match IMC Pilots will be deployed via Drop Pod instead of via Dropship.

In Titanfall 2, Drop Pods are also capable of deploying Stalkers and, in Frontier Defense, Ticks and Mortar Spectres.

In Titanfall: Assault, Drop Pods are used to deploy Grunts, Rocket Grunts, Spectres, Blast Spectres, Sniper Spectres and the Sim Ninja Pilot.



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