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Drones are small automated flying platforms employed primarily by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, serving in an aerial recon role and providing light support for infantry or performing maintenance in otherwise impossible-to-reach areas. There are several variants seen on the battlefields of the Frontier.

Drones are commonly deployed by Specialists in the campaign of Titanfall 2.


Cloak Drone

Cloak Drones are drone types employed in a support role. They feature no offensive or defensive weaponry, but are able to cloak several infantry units or even Titans.

Search Drone

Search Drones are drone types employed by the IMC in a reconnaissance role. They primarily exist to seek out and identify targets of interest. Several such drones were employed during the Battle of Angel City, in the hunt for Robert "Barker" Taube.

Plasma Drone

Plasma Drones are drones equipped with plasma weaponry, and are typically deployed in swarms to provide overwhelming firepower. Some variants can be seen with a weapon similar to a Charge Rifle.

Maintenance Drone

A noncombatant drone type, Maintenance Drones act as flying MRVN Automated Assistants, maintaining and repairing IMC facilities.