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Dome-shield screenshot

Dome-Shield surrounding a dropped Titan

Dome-Shield is a shield that protects recently deployed titans from damage temporarily. It will appear automatically on every dropped titan.

  • The Dome Shield lasts for 15 seconds, or for 25 seconds when using Dome-Shield Battery; but it will disappear shortly after your Titan gets up.
  • You can activate your Auto-Titan early by switching between Guard and Follow mode twice.
  • Titans under their own or a teammate's Dome Shield are almost immune to all damage. The shield itself will block any projectiles going in or out, however you can still be melee'd or crushed.
  • Enemy units under a Dome Shield will take damage. This is likely to prevent players from destroying inactive, recently dropped titans.
  • Titans under their own Dome Shield cannot be pushed out of their Dome Shield from an enemy titan's melee attack.
  • EMP effects (From Arc Grenades and Arc Mines) are cancelled out while within a friendly Dome Shield.

Titanfall 2


As of Titanfall 2, Dome Shield is no longer a standard Titan kit. It is now an optional "Titanfall" kit, the other option being the Warpfall. Enemy players' dome shields are now given an orange tint, but the basic principle is otherwise unchanged.


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