Don't think of it as throwing away your humanity. You are merely discarding your human frailty.
— Hammond on the Spectre Camo Burn Card

Doctor Hammond is a character who is mentioned in Titanfall. He is the founder of Hammond Robotics and is thus at least partially responsible for the creation of the IMC. A descendent of his, known as Mister Hammond, is the current chairman of the IMC.

History Edit

Around two centuries ago,[1] Dr. Hammond was responsible for the creation of the company Hammond Engineering in the Core Systems. Over the first fifteen years of the company's existence, consumer demand for Titan manufacturing materials, planetary survey technology and map database rights would lead to explosive growth of the company. For the next century, a series of re-brandings, mergers and acquisitions would transform Hammond Engineering into the commercial empire that is now known as the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.[2][3] The legacy of Hammond Engineering now exists in the company Hammond Robotics, responsible for a large portion of the materiel employed on the battlegrounds of The Frontier.

Doctor Hammond was responsible for the creation of the MRVN, purportedly as a favour to a friend. Eventually, the creation of this worker drone would lead to the creation of the Spectre,[4] and the start of an arms race between the IMC and its competitors, possibly leading to the Core Systems Conflicts.[5] Despite all this, Hammond was not a public figure, and rarely showed his face while alive.[6]

Hammond's Fate Edit

The current status of Doctor Hammond is currently unknown, and is highly speculated upon. These rumours include Hammond being frozen in cryostasis[7] or being linked into a machine body,[8] while others simply believe he is dead due to his age.[1] Hammond's son, however, is mentioned to be working on an independant project related to "synthetic biology".[9]

Shortly before the Battle of Demeter, Hammond (referred to as "Mister Hammond") would give a speech to Pilots preparing to defend the crucial world.[10] It is unknown, however, if "Mister Hammond" refers to the original Dr. Hammond or Hammond's son. Hammond is also mentioned to be on good terms with General Marder, of ARES Division - however, it is also unknown if this refers to the Dr. Hammond or Hammond Jr.[11]

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