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Demeter is a planet, connecting the Core Systems to The Frontier. Before the destruction of the planet at the hands of the Frontier Militia, the planet was a valuable component of the IMC’s Military and colonial operations.


As the primary link between the Frontier and Core Systems, Demeter was fiercely guarded by the IMC[1]. During the Frontier War, any attack on the planet was considered suicide due to the strength of the defenses in the system. The planet was covered in fuel refineries and refueling infrastructure that would allow starships to make the multi-year journey to the Frontier in a matter of weeks.

Following the Battle of Troy, the Frontier Militia were able to recruit former-IMC officer James MacAllan to their cause. Thanks to knowledge stolen from the downed carrier IMS Odyssey and years of experience playing wargames against Marcus Graves, MacAllan was able to formulate a plan to attack the otherwise unassailable facilities on the planet. Demeter fell during the midst of the battle, in which MacAllan was able to successfully detonate the reactor at the heart of the facilities there, destroying ground infrastructure and forcing an IMC retreat.[2]

By the time of the Battle of Typhon, five years later, the planet's refueling infrastructure had yet to be repaired and IMC reinforcements were yet to arrive on the Frontier.


Demeter orbits a dying red giant star[1][3] which dominates the landscape, and is mostly uninhabited except for its MRVN Automated Assistants that maintain the refineries there. The planet's surface was highly radioactive and portions of it were covered in gargantuan industrial complexes. The planet's surface was reddish-brown, indicating the planet's surface was largely covered in deserts such as those seen surrounding the refineries.

The planet has at least four moons, the fourth of which housed Airbase Sierra.

Due to its central position between Demeter and Gridiron, the planet Cibus became a key fueling facility in Frontier space.


  • Demeter is also the planet of destination for a group of young space explorers who have the mission to colonize – in name of the humankind – a new discovered world, in the movie Earth Star Voyager.
  • Demeter's namesake comes from the Greek god Demeter, the goddess of grain, harvest, agriculture, growth and nourishment.