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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Alright, kids! You ready for thrills, chills, and kills?
— Davis

Davis was a former member of The 6-4, and currently a member of The Last Resort. He often serves as comic relief, with an upbeat, high-spirited attitude to match.


Battle of Typhon

Main article: Battle of Typhon

During the chase for the IMS Draconis, Davis would deploy along with three other members of the 6-4 in the later stages of the battle. Alongside Bear, Droz and Gates, he would assist Jack Cooper in the hijacking of the IMS Malta. After clearing the bridge with the help of the others, he and the 6-4 would provide cover fire during Cooper's battle with Viper.[1]


They would maintain control of the Malta and later use it to prevent reinforcements from surrounding Cooper and BT-7274 during their attempt to destroy the Fold Weapon[2]


At an unknown point following the Battle of Typhon, Davis separated from the 6-4 in favor of The Last Resort, where he and Droz would assist Pilots in defending various Harvesters throughout The Frontier.[3][4]


  • He appears to be a Holo pilot, though - like Gates and Droz - he utilizes a helmet worn by pilots in the first Titanfall.
  • Davis is now in the multiplayer, acting as one of the two leaders of The Last Resort.
  • If a Frontier Defense match is finished on Normal, Hard or Master difficulty, Davis could, very rarely cry with happiness if you defended the Harvester against all 5 waves and maintained more than 90% health.
  • Mirage's mother, Evelyn Witt, mentioned in a message to her son that Davis was a good friend of hers, as they got to know through Droz.