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The Data Knife is a tool used by Pilots in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. All Pilots are equipped with a Data Knife by default. The player can use this tool to hack into enemy Spectres or Turrets, which will then fight for the player. When approaching a spectre drone or turret, a prompt will appear on the player's HUD. Upon holding the action button, the Pilot will stab the knife into a thin connector slot and a counter on the knife will begin to scroll. Upon completion, the Spectre will fight for the player, as well as any Spectres in the surrounding vicinity. The same is true when activating or capturing heavy turrets, although the player must instead find and hack into a control console at the base. Turrets in Fracture cannot be hacked and serve no function outside the campaign.

The Data Knife can also be seen when players are wallhanging, with the knife stabbed into the wall.


The Data Knife can't be used as weapon, but it can however hack into Heavy Turrets, which prove quite effective against Titans, as well as having the ability to convert an enemy Spectre squad to fight for the player's team. The major downside to the Data Knife is that the Pilot, when initializing a hack, will be unable to defend themselves during the duration of said hack (utilizing Cloak can help solve this) - additionally the hacking process can be sped up with The 'Icepick' Pilot Kit.

Titanfall 2

The Data Knife is used by Jack Cooper and the 6-4 to hijack the IMS Malta. It can also be used in the campaign and in the multiplayer mode Attrition to hack Spectres, but as turrets do not exist (and thus, cannot be hacked) in Titanfall 2's multiplayer, it has more limited functionality in comparison to the first game. Visually, the Data Knife has had a small upgrade, with its LED screen being replaced with a holographic interface to allow for greater visibility.

However, it can be used as a weapon by Jack Cooper and multiplayer pilots, when using the execution "In Your Face".


  • It appears that the circuitry within the knife that is used to hack turrets and Spectres remains within the knife until a trigger is pressed and the circuitry ejects to the tip of the knife. This would most likely be used to protect the delicate circuitry in the heat of battle.
  • In Titanfall 2 the data knife seen is a different model and is likely the newer model, boasting a sharper blade and more durability.
  • Grunt dialogue reveals that Data Knives cost a fortune.
  • The Icepick modification created by Bish is said to have leaked onto the Black Market and become a mod that any pilot can have.
  • In Frontier Defense, any hacked Spectres that were under control of a player will die instantly at the end of a round and to limit the max amount of hacked Spectres by only 5; this is to ensure that Pilots do not have a unfair advantage over the IMC. In Titanfall 2's similar Bounty Hunt gamemode, Spectres cannot be hacked at all.
  • Outside of the "In Your Face" execution in Titanfall 2, the knife is never used as a melee weapon; the most evidence of an attack with the knife is when hacking a Spectre.