The Core Systems, also known as the Core, or the Core Worlds, is a region of interstellar space surrounding Earth (And, by extension, the Sol System) where Humanity evolved. The region was colonised after the initial discovery of FTL travel, and rapidly became heavily urbanised and polluted.

The Core Systems are under control of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and its subsidiaries such as Hammond Robotics, who have funded and fought in a series of wars (Known as the Core Systems Conflicts) to establish control of the region. Veterans of these wars were the initial settlers of the Frontier.

Relation to The Frontier Edit

Home to billions, if not trillions of people, the Core Systems are the primary driving force for the IMC's actions on the Frontier; the natural resources found on the Frontier are harvested en masse on the Frontier due to a lack of such resources back in the Core Systems. The needs and demands of the populace of the Core are placed well above those of the Frontier by the corporation.

In geography, the Frontier is said to be home to a number of profitable trade routes, though the primary link for the two regions of space is the refuelling and refinery planet Demeter. This link was severed in the Battle of Demeter, resulting in the Core systems and Frontier being totally isolated from each other for at least five years.