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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Core Ronin is a variant of the Ronin Titan featured in Titanfall: Assault, added in the 2.1.1 patch. Dual-wielding swords, Core Ronin phases to deploy into enemy territory, avoid enemy attacks, and execute Doomed Titans whenever her Core Ability is charged Phasing into the Titan before exploding it out of it's Phase Similar to the Inner Pieces Execution from Titanfall 2.

In terms of raw stats, the Core Ronin is comparable to much cheaper Ronin - she's slightly tougher and slower, her attacks deal more damage to robotic enemies and, while her anti-human dps is far lower, the small AoE makes up for it.

The Core Ronin's main strength, however, are her abilities. Core Ronin can deploy anywhere via Warpfall, without needing that the enemy Medium Turret(s) be destroyed first, even in the enemy deployment zone. Secondly, Core Ronin has access to the Phase Core.

Like all Core titans, Core Ronin gains charge as it attacks. Phase Core charges quickly, and once full, it will make the Core Ronin briefly phase out when next attacked, nullifying the damage. This makes the Core Ronin exceedingly effective against slow-attacking enemies like that Atlas, which, one on one, she can defeat without taking any damage whatsoever if the initial shot doesn't hit her. Not only that, but the brief disappearance will reset enemies targeting the Core Ronin, making him functionally immune to the damage of Boomer, Arc Boomer and Gunner.

Furthermore, instead of phasing out to avoid damage, Core Ronin can spend her core charge to Terminate a doomed titan, killing it instantly.


  • Core Ronin is sometimes referred to as Phase Ronin, as is the case with the update loading screen and the description on Google Play.
  • Core Ronin's lights glow purple instead of the usual blue or red, hinting at/reinforcing its connection with Ash, as that's the color of her Vortex Shield.
  • Unlike BT-7274, Core Ronin cannot Terminate a doomed titan if its core isn't charged. Do not drop a Core Ronin on a soon-to-be dead Nuke Atlas, it won't work.