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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

The Core Ogre is a Titan Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault. It employs a Maul and a Shield Core in its arsenal, allowing to tank many hits before going down.


Like all other Ogre variants, he has high level of health that allows him to be deployed on the front lines. To back up this trait, he also deals an equally impressive amount of damage to both enemy human and robotic units. To activate Shield Core, at least 4 units or one with a high amount of health must be destroyed.

The Core Ogre's core can make it last for a very VERY long time on the battlefield and be a huge annoyance to your opponent. If your Core Ogre is properly supported, it can constantly use its Shield Core, tanking massive amounts of damage. It is better to support it with Anti-Air and Anti-Tank/Titan units such as the Atlas, Stryder, or even a Scorch.

Because of the full-time use of the Maul, he cannot defend himself against aerial units such as Arc Drones and Cloak Drones. Gunners, Boomers, and Arc Boomers can also pose a threat to Core Ogre when placed on rooftops, well beyond the Titan's attack ability.

If the enemy has a Core Ogre deployed, players may deploy Sniper Ion, Smoke Stryder, Core Ion, BT-7274, Atlas, or Core Ronin to effectively counter him.