The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Core Ion is a variation of the Ion Titan, deployable in Titanfall: Assault. It uses a Laser Core to deal with clusters of enemies.


The Core Ion's basic attack fires a laser that can penetrate through several enemies. This can be very useful to deal with crowded Pilots, as Pilots with the same destination usually move in clusters not spread out due to the AI.

Once its Laser Core is fully charged it will immediately release a highpowered beam in the direction of the enemy in target or the last location where an enemy was is the targeted enemy dies. While using the Laser Core, Core Ion cannot move or change targets, it will just sit there firing the beam until its core is exhausted.

Much like Laser Core in Titanfall 2, Core Ion fires a highly damaging beam in a straight line, meaning that attacks from multiple angles are a very effective way to deal with the Titan.

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