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Core Abilities are long-cooldown, very powerful Titan abilities in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Each Titan chassis has a unique Core Ability specific to that Titan - the only Titans that share a Core Ability are Ogre and Destroyer, both of which share the Shield Core. Core Abilities are also present in Titanfall: Assault, though they are available only to a specific few Titans; most such Titans have "Core" in their title.


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The following information on this article, Core Abilities, is speculation, and should not be taken as definitive fact.

Core Abilities appear to operate through a process of "charging", wherein a capacitor is charged over time before unleashing the stored energy in a short attack or buff to the Titan in question. Cores are integral to the Titan chassis, and cannot be swapped out or replaced in any model.

Presently, it is unknown how exactly all the cores operate. However, some can be justified relatively easily;

  • It is possible that the Damage Core works as a similar process to Amping a weapon, wherein projectiles fired are given some kind of additional energy to increase their damage.
  • Shield Core likely works by simply providing the Titan Bodyshield with more energy with which to absorb damage.
  • Laser Core is possibly the easiest to justify, simply unleashing the stored energy as a direct attack to devastate anything caught in the way.
  • Flight Core and Dash Core likely work by allowing the power stored to be poured into the Titan's thrusters/ dash systems, allowing the Northstar to hover for longer and the Stryder to have extremely swift movement.
  • Sword Core likely combines elements of Damage and Dash Cores, using the stored energy to both enhance the damage output of the Broadsword while also increasing the movement capacity of the Ronin.
  • Like Damage Core, Burst Core likely works by applying the Arc Rounds upgrade to the XO16A2 Chaingun.
  • Upgrade Core likely works by using the stored energy to instantly recharge the Monarch's Shield, alongside using similar techniques to Burst Core to amplify the damage of the chaingun and Energy Siphon.

Smart and Salvo Cores are harder to justify, given their reliance on ammunition as opposed to an electrical source of energy. In these instances, it is possible that the time needed for the Core to "charge" is simply the Smart Ammunition/ Wire-Guided Missiles, respectively, being reloaded and equipped onto the Titan.

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When a Titan arrives on the battlefield via Titanfall, its Core is uncharged and must be charged before the Core Ability may be used. On its own, it takes 200 seconds (3 minutes and 20 seconds) to charge the Core; like the Titan summon timer, this timer can be significantly reduced by damaging or killing an enemy target while piloting the Titan. When the Core Ability is fully charged, the Pilot can activate it at will, and after a two-second priming, the ability will be active.

When the Core Ability activates, the Titan will steadily restore their shields, regardless of Core type. Any incoming damage can interrupt the shield rebuilding. A doomed Titan cannot activate their Core Ability; if the Titan is ever doomed during a Core Ability's effects, the Core Ability will immediately end.

Core Abilities

Icon Core Titan Loadout Description
Chassis page core atlas.png

Damage Core


All Titan attacks, including Electric Smoke and melee attacks, deal two times more damage.
Chassis page core stryder.png

Dash Core


Energy for dashes replenishes so fast that it is essentially infinite.
Chassis page core ogre.png

Shield Core



The Ogre shield is replaced by a reinforced overshield shield that withstands twice as much damage. Even if the Ogre is under fire, the overshield will appear fully charged.

Titanfall 2

With the new Titan system in Titanfall 2, Core Abilities were revamped as well. Each Titan now has its own unique Core Ability that plays to that Titan's particular strengths, instead of a universal chassis-wide Core Ability. Some Core Abilities are passive boosts or overdrive states like those in the original Titanfall were, while many others are more like single-use superweapons that can deal devastating damage when used effectively. The mechanics of these cores vary and can be countered in different ways.

Like the first game, a Titan fresh from Titanfall arrives with no charge in their Core Ability, unless that Titan has the Overcore kit equipped, at which point it arrives with 20% core charge out of the gate. The Core Ability gauge will build up on its own, but it can sped up by damaging or destroying enemies or by slotting a Battery into the Titan's chassis from the outside. When the Core Ability is fully charged, it can be used immediately.

Core Abilities

Icon Name Titan Loadout Description
Laser Core


Ion Prime

"A deadly oversized laser beam fired from the chest of the Ion and capable of stopping anything it its path."
Flame Core


Scorch Prime

"Creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path."
Flight Core.png
Flight Core


Northstar Prime


"Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below."
Sword Core


Ronin Prime

"Empowers his melee and sword abilities, and gives access to new sword attacks."
Salvo Core.png
Salvo Core


Tone Prime

"Unleashes a barrage of rockets that can be guided in flight. They’ll prioritize any locked target Tone looks at."
Smart Core.png
Smart Core


Legion Prime

"The Predator Cannon automatically locks onto anything in range."


Burst Core


Vanguard (By default)

"Automatically fire a stream of Amped bullets."
Upgrade core.png
Upgrade Core


"Upgrades Monarch's abilities on each use."

Titanfall: Assault

The mobile game Titanfall: Assault also features powerful Core Abilities, practically all of them brought over in some form from Titanfall or Titanfall 2. However, only a select few Titans (generally identified by the "Core" prefix) are equipped with a Core Ability at all. A Titan with a Core Ability will build their Core by landing successful attacks against any enemy target; a commander can tell how much of their Core is built by looking at the circular gauge at the Titan's feet. When the Core Ability is charged, the Titan will immediately activate it without any input.

The Titans equipped with Core Abilities use the Core available to their chassis in the regular game; Core Scorch utilises Flame Core, Core Ion uses Laser Core, Core Ogre employs Shield Core and BT-7274 utilises the Burst Core, found on his default Expedition loadout.

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