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Colony is a map featured in Titanfall: Assault, introduced as part of the version 2.1.0 update on October 26, 2017. This rendition of Colony is a small-scale map where commanders face off during a rainstorm.

The map is designed in the rough shape of a horseshoe, with each base on opposite sides of the colony and guarded by two tightly-packed Medium Turrets. The main battlefield in the center of the map features tight quarters and an elevated tower in the center for snipers to sit and oversee the entire map, along with walls for a Pilot to wall-run across and quickly cut from one Hardpoint to another. The outside rim of the map features a long path wide enough for Titans that crosses in front of a resevoir. Two of the Hardpoints, A and C, are within the main complex, with each point almost directly attached to a player's base; Hardpoint B sits just outside the complex in a walled-off enclosure next to the outside path.

The main gimmick of Colony is that late in the match, the rains will cause the resevoir to overflow, forcing the water to be released into the field. Alarm lights will flash on the walls around Hardpoint B shortly before the waters are released. The surging water will engulf the bridge in front of the resevoir on the outside path as well as the entirety of Hardpoint B's enclosure. The waters will overpower the Hardpoint and completely disable it for the rest of the game, shortly followed by an electrical short that deals damage to all terrestrial units in the area. For the rest of the game, units passing through the rushing waters will slow down considerably.

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