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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Colony is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. A map of the same name is featured in Titanfall: Assault.


Colony G21 was founded on the planet Troy by James MacAllan and his fellow mutineers on the IMS Odyssey. It's built out of prefabricated buildings and cannibalized parts from the Odyssey. Though the colony is now officially "uncharted", it is still a heavy point of contention. It was the site of a massacre by the IMC, but defended by the Militia.

A sign on the colony states that it has a population of ninety-three.


Because of construction logistics, most of the Colony was built quite close together, creating a busy warren of rooftops, flank routes, and interiors favorable to Pilots. Titans should use extreme caution when taking a route through the town center, where they are at risk from close-range Anti-Titan weapons fire and Pilot rodeo attacks. On this map you’ll find yourself sneaking through the many buildings and picking off Pilots on the rooftops. The rooftops will be a major part of this map since it is the quickest way to travel and they have a great overview of the entire Colony.


  • The IMS Odyssey (i.e.: the map Relic) can be seen on the mountain, it can be easily spotted by following the cables transporting the ship parts.
  • It is the second map from Titanfall to be remastered for Titanfall 2. It was introduced in the Colony Reborn DLC.



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