Coliseum is a game mode featured in Titanfall 2. It is a one-versus-one game mode, featuring two Pilots with identical loadouts fighting in an arena in a round-based elimination mode; the first to three wins. The loadouts available for players have changed on a regular basis, but have typically revolved around projectile-based weapons and encouraging use of Wall-Running and other movement abilities.

For example, the first loadout given to the players at the game's launch consisted of the EPG-1, Charge Rifle, Phase Shift and Frag Grenade. This has changed since to include the use of the Sidewinder, Mastiff, SA-3 Mozambique, Grapple, Stim, Wingman Elite, Tick, Gravity Star and R-6P Softball.

Because of the quick, arena-style game rules, Coliseum can only be played on two special maps; Coliseum or Pillars. In addition, Coliseum can only be accessed through 'buying' your way in. This can be accomplished in one of two ways; the first is to spend a Coliseum Ticket, usually rewarded in Advocate Gifts. The second is to spend 10 Credits to buy entry into the Coliseum. Winning a match of Coliseum rewards the player with an Advocate Gift.

Neither Coliseum or its maps are currently available to play in Private Match.