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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

The Cloak Drone, as depicted in Titanfall: Assault.

Cloak Drones are a type of Drone employed by the IMC in Titanfall. Unlike their Attack counterparts, Cloak Drones do not directly engage in combat, instead acting in a support role by providing Cloaking effects to all IMC forces beneath them, including Titans, rendering the affected units invisible to both regular sight and on the minimap. Cloak Drones are only encountered in Frontier Defense.

Cloak Drones will typically seek to protect the largest cluster of IMC forces closest to the Harvester. As they can shield even Nuke Titans from detection, they should be terminated with extreme prejudice. Occasionally they may instead choose to shield Mortar Titans in the outfield - if a Cloak Drone and Mortar Titans are in the same wave then expect to have to deal with cloaked Mortar units, especially on Lagoon.

Titanfall: Assault

Cloaks friendly units before seeking an enemy turret. Stops to fight any enemy along the way.
— In-game description

Cloak Drones can be deployed as a Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault. They operate in much the same way as their conventional counterparts.