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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall. The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Cloak is a pilot tactical ability appearing in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It allows its user to become invisible for a short period of time.



Cloak allows pilots to appear nearly invisible to enemies for 9 seconds, 18 seconds with Active Camo, and for your Pilot's life with Ghost Squad. It takes 10 seconds for this to recharge, 6.6 seconds when using Power Cell. This allow you to escape opponents, ambush enemies, avoid minions and in general reduce the pilot's visual signature. It should be noted that cloaking is considerably more likely to fool Titans, Grunts, and Spectres than Pilots. Using the ghost squad burn card allows you to remain permanently cloaked except when firing weapons.

Titanfall 2

While Titanfall 2 Pilots utilizing Cloak wear ghillie suits and bulky armor, this is not exclusive. Tai Lastimosa and Jack Cooper, alongside Pilots in the original Titanfall are all able to operate Cloak regardless of their equipment. Furthermore, Grunt dialogue speculates that Pilots have the cloak technology embedded in their skin - however, Jack Cooper has not been mentioned to have had augmentation surgery of any form for Cloak technology or otherwise, leaving this claim in doubt.


Becoming partially invisible creates possibilities for ambushes, as well as escaping. Cloaking modules are built to fool a Titan's optic sensors, which makes a cloaked pilot undetectable to an Auto-Titan and almost undetectable to a piloted Titan. Firing any weapon will cancel a cloak prematurely, but using melee attacks, hacking, wall running, using ordnance, locking with the Archer Heavy Rocket or Smart Pistol MK5, and charging the Charge Rifle will not cancel a cloak. Cloak will also fool an enemy player's Active Radar Pulse, Satellite Uplink, or Map Hack. Cloaking will also reset locks that a Smart Pistol has on you.


Shooting any weapon will instantly cancel a cloak, but the cloak's timer will still drain as if it was still in-use. While effective against Titans, other pilots can make out cloaked enemy pilots as bleak-white shapes. It is also noteworthy that cloaking does NOT hide the charging light from the Charge Rifle, or Jump Kit exhaust from jumping, double-jumping, and wall running, even from Titans. In addition, every optic's reticule will be removed while cloaking, which can makes target acquisition difficult while cloaked. The Smart Pistol MK5 can still lock on to cloaked enemies, but 2 times slower. Cloaking also does not completely hide a pilot from the view of an actively piloted titan, though it is very effective. Instead pilots appear as an almost invisible outline with a subtle pixelation effect, a representation of the titans optics being "fooled". A pilot may also become more obvious to titan optics in other circumstances, such as when silhoutted against smoke or when casting a shadow, though these are often missed much more than the aforementioned use of jump jets or taking damage.

Titanfall 2

In Titanfall 2, Cloak has a much bulkier Pilot than the others, making visual identification easier at a distance for enemies. If an enemy Pulse Blade or Map Hack is active, the Cloak will also flicker, making it easier for enemies to spot. Cloak will also flicker if you melee an enemy or take damage.


  • The cloak you have in the Titanfall 2 campaign is significantly shorter than the one found in multiplayer.
  • The Low Profile kit will allow you to have no jump jet lights while jumping, making you almost completely invisible to Titans. Combined with the Kit’s delaying of awareness of a Rodeo attack, this makes Cloak extremely effective at taking down Titans.
  • In Apex Legends, Mirage uses this ability when reviving/respawning a teammate. He will also cloak very briefly when using his ultimate "Life of the Party".
  • In Titanfall 2, the Cloak originally did not break whenever you fired; instead, the image would flicker for a second or so, similar to the Ghost Squad Burn Card. It was changed back to its original Titanfall operation after many in the community expressed their displeasure of the perceived overpoweredness of the ability.

Burn Cards

Active Camo.png
Name: Active Camo

Description: Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer lasting Cloak. Quote:

The suit worked, Bish. They never saw me coming. Prepare to move in 3, 2...
— Sarah
Name: Ghost Squad

Description: Permanently cloaked as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability. Quote:

A crack team of invisible special forces? Sounds like a story meant to frighten over-privileged children.
— Sarah