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The Charge Rifle fires an energy beam that inflicts massive damage. Holding the trigger charges the weapon. Timing is critical to its use: this weapon will only fire when it reaches full charge, and it will discharge automatically as soon as it hits full charge.
— In-game description.

The Charge Rifle is a Pilot anti-Titan directed-energy weapon that appears in Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends.



It takes 2.3 seconds to charge this weapon, after which it shoots a short burst of static electricity which deals respectable damage and can effectively hit critical spots on unshielded Titans for almost triple damage(270%); then there's a 1 second cooldown. Beam travel time is instant, so it may be used at extremely long ranges, but it is hindered by lack of scope.

  • The 2.3 second charge time is very long for proper use in a fast-paced game. If the fire button is released, it's charge level will begin to drop. If the fire button is held again, it will raise, so it is possible to keep the weapon at almost full charge for a long time. Sprinting will force weapon to un-charge entirely.
  • One hit from this weapon is enough to kill a pilot. However it takes multiple hits to doom a Titan assuming it has not recharged its shields.
  • When the Charge Rifle is being charged, it is seen by titans as a very bright orange light, even through pilot cloak.
  • Charge Rifle is the only anti-titan weapon which may be used for rodeo without killing yourself. However, damage is low compared to any anti-personnel weapon or even sidearm. Burn Card version, however, will beat every weapon except for Spitfire LMG with Slammer mod.
  • The Burn Card version of this weapon charges twice as fast, while doing the same damage. It makes it both more user friendly and much more deadly.
  • The Quick Reload Kit is useless when using this weapon, as it won't affect the cooldown timer.

Field Notes

  • The orange light that the Charge Rifle emits is very visible so it is advised to charge slightly in cover if you can and come out to fire. Also once you do fire, enemies will be able to track your location so it is advised to move to another location after every shot to avoid enemy fire.
  • The Critically Conditioned challenge for the Charge Rifle can be easily obtained by using the Charge Laser during a Rodeo.


  • Accelerator (Amped)

Titanfall 2

The Charge Rifle returns in Titanfall 2, though remains largely unchanged in the transition. It is one of two Anti-Titan weapons unlocked by default, the other being the MGL.


  • The Charge Rifle appears to have the same "batteries" used in a Titan's left arm which for the Titan are used for activating its vortex shield.
  • In Apex Legends, the Charge Rifle is a sniper rifle, likely due to its beam which is not subject to gravity like other ammunition in the game.
  • In the first game, the Charge Rifle is stated to have 500 ammunition - in practice, however, the weapon has unlimited charge and will never run out of ammunition.
    • In Titanfall 2, the Charge Rifle is stated to have 0 ammunition - in practice, however, the weapon has 20 charges of ammunition. The Extra Ammo mod grants 5 extra charges.
  • The Charge Rifle operates similarly the Spartan Laser from the Halo Series. Both have a time period that they require to charge up, both fire as soon as they are fully charged, both have a visual indicator for their imminent attack (bright orange light for the Charge Rifle and a red laser sight for the Spartan Laser), and both deal massive damage, though the Spartan Laser is comparatively stronger and thusly requires slightly longer to charge up.



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