Mode CTF

Capture the Flag is a game mode in Titanfall. It requires the two opposing teams to capture the enemy flag and return it to their base, whilst defending their flag from captures.

  • Players in their titans can not carry flag or return their own flag to the base, the flag will be dropped if one attempts to embark their Titan. However, the player with the flag can ride on another player's titan.
  • A Pilot in their Titan will get a notification that a friendly flag carrier is riding their Titan.

XP BonusesEdit

XP bonuses are experience points rewarded when the player does a certain objective or action, and grants the player with additional experience points. These XP Bonuses are specific to Capture the Flag.

Name XP Earned Description
Flag capture 400 Capture the enemy's flag.
Flag Capture Assist 100 Teammate captured the flag you dropped.
Flag Return 100 Return your team's flag.
Flag Carrier Killed 100 Kill the enemy Pilot carrying your team's flag.

Titanfall 2 Edit

CTF makes its return in Titanfall 2 largely unchanged. The only major change is that the instant flag return has been placed with one of several seconds.

Nitro CTF Edit

Nitro CTF is a version of the mode added to Titanfall 2 as of April 2017's A Glitch in the Frontier. As the name suggests, the game is a faster-paced version of CTF featuring instant flag return and support for Live Fire maps.

Videos Edit

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