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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Cooper! Ready up!
— Cole to Jack Cooper

Captain Cole is a minor character in Titanfall 2. He is the leader of the 3rd Militia Grenadiers.

Titanfall 2

Captain Cole is briefly encountered at the start of the game, telling Cooper to ready up and handing the rifleman a V-47 Flatline as he is exiting his VR Pod. Tai Lastimosa tells Cole that Cooper will be ready, and Cole leaves.

In the morning after the initial drop on Typhon, Cole lead his unit across the planet to try and take control of an IMC Interstellar Beacon - thus allowing the survivors of the failed invasion to call for reinforcements. He would attempt to rally survivors of the 2nd Militia Fusiliers, led by Sergeant Eszo, though the Fusiliers would ultimately die at the hands of Kane in the Reclamation Facility.

Later, Cole is encountered in the mission The Beacon, leading a small pocket of Militia forces holed up in a maintenance station. Cooper and BT encounter Cole there and save his life. Cole then informs Cooper of the Arc Tool, which Cooper uses to signal the Marauder Corps. Cole is presumably evacuated from Typhon after this, as he is not seen for the rest of the game.


  • Despite being in a different unit than Jack Cooper, he knows Cooper by name prior to the events on Typhon.
    • It should be noted that, in standard military organisation, a Company is the unit directly below a Battalion and is commanded by a Captain. Given Cole's leadership of the 3rd Militia Grenadiers, it is possible that the Grenadiers are a Company-level unit within the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion, along with the 2nd Militia Fusiliers. If so, Cole's familiarity with Cooper could simply be because he was Cooper's commanding officer prior to the Battle of Typhon.