The Broadsword is a Titan melee weapon, used exclusively by the Ronin Titan. The weapon is used for most of Ronin's abilities, including Sword Block, Arc Wave, and Sword Core. The Broadsword can kill all infantry units with a single strike, including Pilots and Stalkers, but deals heavy damage to Reapers and Titans.

The Broadsword deals significantly more damage than regular titan melee, giving Ronin the highest base melee damage in the game, along with a wider hit box and greater range, making it highly effective at killing infantry.

This is amplified by the use of Ronin's Sword Core, which electrifies the blade, increasing damage dealt and effectiveness of Blade-based abilities.


  • Originally, the sword blade was designed to deal less damage the more it was used, and would need to be replaced eventually with a fresh blade. This was eventually scrapped.
  • One concept for the Sword would be more akin to the hidden blade seen in the Assassin's Creed series, looking like a small dagger that would spring out of the Titan's forearm when needed.
  • Concept art for the sword lists its manufacturer as Brockhaurd Manufacturing. However, the die-cast miniature lists it as a weapon manufactured by Burrell Defense. Because the miniature is more recent, and the concept art logo is not seen in game, it is assumed that Burrel Defense is the manufacturer.
  • The serial number found on the standard Broadsword begins with the characters "MOB-1316" - the same ID as that used by Sarah Briggs' Vanguard-class Titan.


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