This article is about the version of Boomtown featured in Titanfall: Assault, and may redirect here. For the map featured in Titanfall 2, see Boomtown.

Boomtown is a map featured in Titanfall: Assault, added in the 2.1.1 update on November 29, 2017.[1] An IMC Dynamic Testing Facility, Boomtown is a simulated city, newly constructed for testing of IMC weapons and technology. The various buildings are connected by a network of ziplines, with Hardpoints clearly nestled near each player base. Reapers spawn partway through the match, instinctively fighting for both sides. Unlocks at Profile Level 14.

Strategy Edit

  • Two pairs of Reaper Bruisers spawn throughout the match, one for each player. The first pair spawns in the middle of the map at Titanfall; the second pair, near points B and C at Supply Boost. The Reapers behave like normal, and are the same level as their controller's towers.
  • Point A cannot be accessed from the street level,. This means that Stalkers cannot reach it, and if deployed onto it, will stay to defend it.

References Edit

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