This article is about the map featured in Titanfall: Assault, and may redirect here. For the map featured in Titanfall and Titanfall Online, see Boneyard.

Boneyard is a map featured in Titanfall: Assault, unlocked at Level 11. Most of the map is flat, the central point surrounded by a loose unattached rectangle of buildings that separate the bases from the rest of the map. Like Angel City, each base is guarded by two Medium Turrets on its flanks. The main feature of the map is the Particle Shield covering and protecting the centre Hardpoint; the shield blocks all outside AOE attacks like missiles and arcstrikes but not deployment of Pilots, Drop Pods or structures like turrets, mines and depots. After two minutes, the Particle Shield dissipates, revealing the now-vulnerable central Hardpoint to artillery. With or without the shield, Titans cannot Titanfall atop the central Hardpoint itself nor walk through it.