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Blast Spectres are a variant of Suicide Spectre that can be deployed as a Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault. They can be deployed anywhere via drop pod, and after a lengthy arming delay, they will proceed to use their high mobility to run close to targets and explode for high damage. They will head towards the enemy's turrets, but will engage any targets they encounter along the way. Blast Spectres can also be deployed from the Blast Depot.

Unlike normal Spectres, Blast Spectres cannot capture hardpoints.


Blast Spectres deal a high amount to the enemy Medium Turrets and Heavy Turrets; and are capable of completely stripping their shields. However this shouldn't be their only use. If you can place them in a location where they will intercept with a Pilot or Titan, they can do a high amount of damage to them for a low cost value.
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