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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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Black Water Canal is a map introduced in Titanfall 2. lt is an IMC fueling station nestled deep in the rocky canals of the planet Cibus. Built as an early fuel storage facility in The Frontier by the original colonists, it rapidly became a key location for IMC ships to refuel, due to its prime location between Demeter and Gridiron. Although it is still operated and managed by its founders, the Dionysys Corporation, the facility is owned by its parent corporation, the IMC.[1]



  • Due to the long sight lines both in the middle and on the outer perimeter, a Northstar player can perform well on this map with smart use of cover to peek and slowly whittle away enemy Titan health.
  • Grapple Pilots can take advantage of the unrestricted open air to slingshot themselves across the map.
  • The control tower is a prime camping spot for Kraber and/or A-Wall Pilots, it is advised to avoid running down the bridge in the open, especially at the start of a match, as it is an easy way to be gunned down. Instead, take the side paths and flank.
  • Occasionally, a Pilot can find their way up on top the tallest tower overlooking much of the map above the pump room, whether it’s via Grappling or well timed jumps. While it offers a view of almost every area of the map except the initial spawn areas, it also offers little to no cover and room to run around without falling, making them a sitting duck for any peeking snipers.

Bounty Hunt

The banks are located on opposite sides of the bridge, specifically in the MRVN garage and the pump rooms (under the tallest tower), with open windows next to each bank facing each other. It is entirely possible to be attacked by gunfire or grenades while making a deposit, so make sure to use the bank itself as cover by crouching around it as you deposit your balance.

  • As with most Bounty Hunt maps, Scorch is a good Titan to farm off of drop zones, and his Thermal Shield can quickly net huge amounts of cash from Titan bounties while leaving them staggered and unable to retaliate.
  • Due to the enclosed spaces of each bank’s location, tossing an Electric Smoke Grenade or Firestar on the bank can flush out any enemies making a deposit, and might even kill them if they’re trapped. Similarly, an Arc Grenade can be used to “breach and clear” the room while the Pilots are stunned.

Frontier Defense

In Frontier Defense, the Harvester is placed west of the Bridge, just northwest of Bulk Storage/DZ1. Enemies primarily filter in through the T-junction east of the Bridge (passing under it in the process) and down the ramp southwest of the Bridge. They will also filter in from the north, around the Pump area.

  • The first wave ends with a lone Northstar Sniper Titan; this is a good chance to grab an early Battery to charge up the shields on your first Titan. Just wait above it until the dome shield drops, then hop down onto it and rodeo away.
  • Mortar Titans will set up northwest of the Pump and southeast of the Control Station. Mortar Spectre teams will set up on assorted high rooftops (giving limited line of sight/fire for Titans on the ground) and enclosed courtyards on the lower levels. Defenders should be ready to engage Mortar Titans in later waves, whilst Mortar Spectres will appear early on.
  • Above and below the Bridge make for ideal defensive positions and chokepoints; a defender on the Bridge is shielded from Nuke Titan explosions under the Bridge, and can weaken incoming Titans whilst covering the secondary approach to the south. A Northstar is especially suited here, as she can drop Cluster Missiles and Tether Traps into the cluster of enemies below and, if necessary, utilise VTOL Hover to rapidly get off or onto the bridge.
  • Beneath the Bridge, a line of Arc Traps can be used to hinder advancing enemies. Legion, Scorch, and Northstar can all be especially effective with this narrow lower advance, either due to penetrating attacks (with Aegis Rank upgrades for Legion) or area-effect abilities and traps.
  • Remnant Fleet Scorch, Ronin and Arc Titans alongside Reapers are amongst the greatest threats here due to the extreme close quarters. Reapers will rarely deploy Ticks, but can easily slip through to attack the Harvester directly; at the start of the final wave in particular, half a dozen Reapers will warpfall on the northern side of the map and charge down toward the Harvester to engage at close range.
  • Cloak Drones and Plasma Drones do not make an appearance in this map making it an ideal choice for Scorch users combined with the narrow underpass beneath the bridge.


  • The design of Black Water, particularly the control tower, was heavily inspired by Airbase.
  • A class of ship similar to IMS Draconis can be seen in the background.




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