The Battle of Airbase Sierra was an engagement fought by forces of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Frontier Militia in the Frontier War. The battle was fought at IMC Airbase Sierra, situated on the fourth moon of the planet Demeter, serving as the opening that will drag the refuelling depot into heavy fighting.


Following the recovery of Repulsor technology data from Base Golden on Leviathan, the Militia turned their attention to Airbase Sierra, where it was conceived as the largest concentration of IMC power within the Frontier and, more importantly, as a critical defense site for the only link to and from the Core Systems.

An element of interest was the presence of hostile wildlife outside the base, such as Leviathans and Flyers, controlled by three Repulsor Towers - similar to that of the one found in Base Golden. In order to allow the Militia entry into Demeter without taking heavy losses, they planned on taking out these towers in order to allow wildlife to wreak havoc against the IMC defenders.

The Battle Edit

Due to the heavy anti-orbital defenses employed by the IMC, the Miltia would commit no capital ships or air support to the assault.[1][2] Due to the presence of Flyers, ships at the base could only launch for special windows of time every six hours, requiring the mission to be conducted swiftly before IMC reinforcements could join the defense of Demeter.[3][4]

The majority of the fighting during the battle would take place in the airfields surrounding the base, as a distraction to allow Sarah Briggs to venture into the base alone and destroy the towers from within. Due to the IMC's reinforcement of the tower structures, conventional explosives would be unfeasible for use in destroying the towers.[5] Due to success in the previous operation at Tower Station Zulu, however, the Militia were able to devise an alternative; the 'Icepick', a specially-modified Data Knife that would allow Bish to hack the tower and bring it offline. While IMC security forces battled Militia troops on the surface, Kuben Blisk would attempt to ward off Sarah in the tunnels under the base, shooting her in the arm.

Ultimately, two of the three towers protecting the base would be brought down remotely, though the pursuit by Blisk would force Sarah to exit onto the airstrip on the surface. Facing the possibility of defeat, the Militia would put the Icepick to alternate use by hacking the autopilot routines of the many Phantoms and Goblins stationed on the base, using them to blow up the third and final tower. As native fauna began to encroach on the base, the surviving Militia troops would evacuate and link up with the main fleet for the Battle of Demeter. The IMS Solaris, a carrier docked at the base, would succesfully evacuate the base.

Aftermath Edit

Thanks to the successful operation at Base Sierra, the IMC would not be able to bolster their defense of Demeter with the base's air wing, resulting in the Militia being able to secure victory in the pivotal battle. The battle (along with the Battle of Angel City) would later be analysed by IMC strategists, with the base implemented into War Games scenarios as to train IMC infantry better to prevent such a critical defeat from happening again.[6][7]

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