Battery boost

A Battery is a piece of equipment employed by Titans in Titanfall 2, notably those utilised in the wake of the Battle of Demeter. Where the Atlas, Ogre, Stryder and Destroyer all had in-build Bodyshield emitters, newer derivatives of the original three chassis (Such as Ion and Scorch) do not have their own recharging energy shield. Consequently, the only way for them to gain a single-use bodyshield is through the usage of a Battery, inserted into specialised ports in the cockpit or exterior of a Titan.

It is likely that the reasoning for this change, from a production perspective, is that the increasing specialisation and mass-production of Titans in the Post-Demeter era mean that steps must be taken to ensure Titans are cost-effective to build. However, this change also introduces a weakness; pulling a Battery from a Titan's system will damage the Titan slightly (Preusmably due to pulling a power source without proper maintenance equipment), and will leave a direct port through which a Frag Grenade can be inserted, for extensive internal damage.

Gameplay Edit

Campaign Edit

In the Titanfall 2 Campaign, Batteries are a way of restoring health to BT-7274. They can be dropped by destroyed enemy Titans and Reapers, or found on the map in specialised crates. These Batteries can be collected manually, be exiting the Titan and rodeoing/ picking up a battery as in multiplayer, but can also be picked up by simply walking over them as BT.

The majority of the mission BT-7274 involves Jack Cooper collecting two Batteries to restore power to BT-7274, after his near-destruction by the Apex Predators. Several of these Batteries can be found in the remains of the MCS James MacAllan, and are inserted under BT's arm.

Multiplayer Edit

Batteries are obtained by performing a sucessful rodeo on a Titan: you will remove the Battery from the top-back of the Titan and be in posession of it afterwards. This does not happen, however, if you have a Battery. If so, you will put a grenade in the hole where the Battery once was, damaging the Titan.

In the case of the Monarch, a Battery can be acquired when her chassis is equipped with the Energy Thief kit, allowing the player to steal one upon performing the kit's exclusive Termination on a doomed Titan. The Survival of the Fittest kit also allows Batteries to restore Monarch from Doomed State.

Batteries are the only way to restore health to your Titan. To insert a Battery, simply climb onto a friendly Titan (excluding your own, you must embark) and it will be inserted just above the head of the Titan. This will not only replenish a good portion of the Titan's health, it will also provide the Titan with an overshield. It will also give some points to the player's Titan meter. Because of this, the Boost Battery Back-Up allows you to instantly gain an overshield when you call down your Titan: just send it down, bring your Battery forth and enter your Titan. However, this shield does not regenerate and is in the end no more than an extra layer of health.

Frontier Defense Edit

Batteries can be employed in Frontier Defense, both offensively and defensively. Aside from the regular variant that can be ripped out of an enemy Titan via Rodeo (or Monarch Termination), two additional variants; the Amped Battery and Core Overload Grenade can be employed. The former performs more similar to Batteries in the campaign, restoring health, shields and even restoring a Titan from Doomed State. The latter is a modified variant of the Battery that is inserted into an enemy Titan in a maneuver known as a Nuke Rodeo, overloading the Titan's Core and causing to instantly explode. Both Boosts can be bought from the Armory for 500 Credits.

Tips Edit

  • A player should always exercise caution when carrying a Battery. All Batteries, whether carried or not, are indicated by white cylinders on green, square backgrounds, which disappear once picked up. It should also be note that the Battery leaves a green trail behind when you move. When killed, the Battery will drop to the ground and can be picked up again. It cannot be destroyed.
  • If a player steals a Battery, they will be marked as if by Map Hack, Pulse Blade, or Sonar Lock.