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Look up and you will see a massive tower. It was designed to keep out the wildlife - past-tense. I'd say "Don't feed the animals" but you might not have a choice, 'cause they're a hell of a lot bigger than you are.
— Barker

Base Golden,[1] also known as Tower Station Zulu[2] or The Boneyard, is an Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation classified base established on the planet Leviathan in the The Badlands system. While functional, it was a highly classified research facility that focused on wildlife repulsor technology - specifically, testing Repulsor Towers now used to defend many IMC facilities such as Airbase Sierra and Training Ground Whitehead. It was abandoned by the IMC twenty years before the Battle of Demeter, and has since been overrun by Leviathans, Prowlers and Dragons.


Base Golden was established several decades before the Frontier War, and was the site of extensive classified IMC research on wildlife repulsor technology. During this time, Robert "Barker" Taube served in this base in an unknown capacity.

Eventually, the base was abandoned by the IMC and left to the elements. The bunkers have been exposed to the elements for several decades, meanking many portions of the facility are run-down and destroyed. Despite this, the base's generators still worked as of the Battle of Base Golden.

Militia assault

During the Frontier War, the Frontier Militia would attack this base after recieving the help of Barker. Here, Pilots of both sides of the conflict would attempt to battle each other and the native life in contest of several Mobile Hardpoints that would allow Bish and Spyglass control of the base's sub-systems - Bish to analyse the tower's inner workings and Spyglass to scuttle the facility with a massive power surge.

The battle would end with a technical Militia victory, with Bish able to retrieve enough data to form the "Icepick" later used to bring down the towers at Airbase Sierra. It is unknown if the tower was succesfully scuttled by the IMC.[2]


  • Even two decades after its abandonment, IMC troops still required Code Black-Five clearance to gain access to the base.
  • IMC troops stationed at this base would often use Kraber-AP Snipers to pick off Flyers from Leviathans.