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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2. The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Bravo-Tango-Seven-Two-Seven-Four, often simply referred to as BT-7274 or BT, is a veteran Vanguard-class Titan of the Frontier Militia's Special Recon Squadron (SRS), piloted by Captain Tai Lastimosa up until his demise at the outset of the Battle of Typhon, as part of Operation: Broadsword. Upon Lastimosa's death and under extreme circumstances, BT linked to then-Rifleman Jack Cooper, and the duo fought their way across Typhon to complete Special Operation 217 and stop the IMC from using its newfound weapon of mass destruction, the Fold Weapon, to devastate the Militia. The Titan ultimately sacrificed himself to destroy the Fold Weapon while protecting Cooper, securing the Militia's decisive victory in the battle. Despite his destruction, it is possible that his AI somehow still survives.

For all intents and purposes, BT-7274 is the deuteragonist of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, serving as Jack Cooper's right hand and protector.


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As a Vanguard-class Titan, BT is designed for operations in hostile territory and behind enemy lines. As such, he is equipped with many pieces of equipment reminiscent of older Titan designs such as the Atlas, with an emphasis on survivability over expendability. This includes the inclusion of two dashes and a recharging Bodyshield system. The Titan is also designed for versatility and capable of equipping and adapting a number of new loadouts on the fly, being able to equip a VTOL Hover, Laser Core or Particle Wall seemingly without issue.

Jack Cooper sitting in BT's cockpit.

BT-7274, ultimately an Artificial Intelligence, can also be transferred between different Vanguard chassis' on a whim, via the SERE Kit; an emergency kit containing a Smart Pistol MK6, Data Knife and the AI's datacore for emergency use in the event of the Titan itself being rendered inoperable. This was utilised by Jack Cooper after the destruction of the original BT-7274 chassis, placing the AI in the chassis of FS-1041.

BT is also bound to three primary protocols; while the AI of BT-7274 is evidently self-aware, it is nonetheless restricted to several parameters to ensure mission success. These protocols are;

  • Protocol One: Link to Pilot
  • Protocol Two: Uphold the Mission
  • Protocol Three: Protect the Pilot

To achieve these goals, BT is equipped with a neural link system, allowing the AI and the Pilot's mind to connect. It is unclear what this system is used for, though it is likely to allow the Pilot's actions to be more efficiently translated into actions taken by the machine - for example, moving the Titan's limbs. While being Piloted, the Vanguard's personality is sublimated, and brought back once the Pilot has been disembarked.[1]

BT is outfitted with various sensor suites capable of long-range detection, biometric tracking and signals intelligence. Two optics units (capable of independent tracking) are present on the Titan's chassis as well as two Acolyte Pods on its back. BT's main optic unit is also capable of displaying holographic imagery. As a Vanguard-class Titan designed for reconnaissance and operations behind enemy lines, BT displays a high degree of intelligence, situational awareness and adaptability to dynamic battlefield conditions. The Titan is additionally equipped with a flamethrower, used to generate Heat Shields and ignite campfires.


BT-7274 was the first Vanguard-class Titan created by the Frontier Militia, around two years following the Battle of Demeter. He served with Tai Lastimosa for 973 days (approx. three years) before the Captain's eventual death on Typhon.[2]


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After the ambush of the 9th Militia Fleet in the opening stages of the raid on Typhon, BT was deployed alongside Lastimosa at the landing site of an element of the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion. They saved several Riflemen (including Jack Cooper) from a Tone-class Titan before the Apex Predators ambushed them. While distracted by Slone, Ash flanked BT and forcibly removed several Batteries from the Titan, allowing Kuben Blisk and the others to cripple BT. Believing the Titan to be fully inoperable, the mercenaries abandoned the site to deal with straggler Militia troops.


BT lied in wait for the next few hours in a low-power state, with just enough power to fend off several Prowlers attempting to feed on Jack Cooper's unconscious body nearby. Cooper came to and checked on the Titan, discovering that Lastimosa was mortally wounded from last night's battle. With enemy forces converging on the area and Jack already partially trained in the skills of a Pilot, Lastimosa transferred control of BT-7274 to Jack and gave him his helmet and jumpkit before succumbing to his wounds. After Cooper buried Lastimosa, he recovered some spare Titan batteries from the nearby wreckage of the MCS James MacAllen, and restored BT to full power, the two successfully formed a neural link as Pilot and Titan, and they promptly escaped the scene before they were set upon by IMC salvagers.

The two steadily pushed their way across Typhon towards Lastimosa's last objective: linking up with Major Anderson to complete Special Operation 217. This path took them into a water reclamation facility, run by Apex Predator Kane. The duo temporarily separated and later reunited just in time to defeat the mercenary in his Scorch Titan. Afterwards, BT identified a shortcut that would take them through the World Foundry, a subterranean fabrication complex that builds small-scale testing sites. This plan went awry, with BT captured in the grip of a manipulator arm used to ferry cargo around the site. Cooper gave chase deeper into the complex, taunted and tested all the while by Ash, the Apex Predator in charge of the facility. The simulacrum mercenary pulled BT deeper into the attached IMC Dynamic Testing Facility, where he and several captured Militia troopers dropped into one of the many simulation domes on the site and were made to fight for their lives against Reapers and other enemy forces. Ash was forced to begin scuttling the facility after Cooper escaped from his own simulation dome, and after the pair reunited, they promptly escaped the crumbling facility, but not before confronting Ash in her Ronin and destroying her in the ensuing duel.

TF2 BloodandRust Loadscreen 1.png

BT and Cooper later finally arrived at Major Anderson's last coordinates: a run-down, large-scale IMC R&D complex noted as the rally point for Special Operation 217. After Cooper suffered momentary lapses in the time stream, blinking back in time before returning to the present, BT identified that there were temporal anomalies across the site. While BT scanned the bodies of the mysteriously dead science personnel in the facility for signs of Anderson, Jack found the Major's upper body and right arm somehow fused to a ceiling. After recovering Anderson's helmet and reviewing the recorded briefing on the mission, BT confirmed that responsibility for Special Operation 217 transferred to Cooper, and that the Rifleman-turned-Pilot would have to finish the mission and uncover what the IMC were working on at the site.

Because of the decrepit nature of the site, the Titan used his strength to turn a lamppost into a makeshift javelin, with the wire attached allowing the Pilot to zip-wire up into the facility and work his way to Anderson's location. After finding Anderson's lower body and left arm, Cooper recovered the Time gauntlet, allowing him to make more controlled jumps back and forth in time, and BT uploaded a portion of his AI into Jack's helmet to allow him to aid the Pilot while time-travelling. The Pilot and Titan combined forces to defeat security forces in the past timeline and packs of Prowlers and broken-down Stalkers in the present. Jack ultimately discovered the IMC's plot on Typhon: General Marder and his ARES Division uncovered an awesome weapon of mass destruction on Typhon called the "Fold Weapon," powered by an energy source known as the "Ark," that was able to destroy an entire planet in a single shot. The IMC complex successfully tested a small-scale version of the Fold Weapon on Typhon's moon, and they intended to bring the Ark to the full-scale weapon elsewhere on the planet and begin destroying planets one after another until the Militia surrenders, starting with the Militia homeworld of Harmony. Jack was able to obtain a scan of the Ark during the test in the past, officially completing Special Operation 217.

With Protocol 2 now satisfied, and given the extreme nature of the uncovered intelligence, BT and Cooper had no other option but to call for command to report their findings and request reinforcements to stop General Marder's plot. Over the next day, the two travelled dozens of kilometres to eventually meet up with elements of the 3rd Militia Grenadiers at the site of an IMC interstellar beacon that had been heavily damaged in the fighting. BT was instrumental in remotely guiding Jack through the beacon's substations to find an Arc Tool, eventually throwing the Pilot up into the beacon's superstructure itself to conduct repairs manually. Richter, the commanding Apex Predator in the area, directly confronted BT and Cooper in his Tone-class Titan afterwards, but like the other Apex Predators before him, he fell to the Militia duo's hands.

6. The Beacon - 1.png

BT, Cooper and the local Militia forces finally made contact and linked up with reinforcements from the 9th Fleet, led by Commander Sarah Briggs herself. Upon meeting BT and Cooper personally, Briggs immediately attempted to locate another Pilot to link with BT, as Cooper was still technically a Rifleman and thus not cleared to control a Titan, among other reasons. However, BT strongly protested, stating that his combat efficiency rating with Pilot Cooper now rated them an extremely effective pair. Surprised at the Titan's pushback, and given the exceptional circumstances, Briggs grudgingly deferred to BT's judgment and let him stay with Cooper.

Now attached to the 9th Fleet, BT and Cooper joined Briggs and a contingent of other Titans and ground forces in an all-out raid on the IMC-controlled airbase housing the IMS Draconis, which was set to transport the Ark to the Fold Weapon. During the fighting, Sarah acknowledged and commended BT's skill and efficiency with Cooper, effectively field-certifying Cooper as a Pilot. The Militia offensive ultimately failed to stop the departure of the Draconis, so the surviving Militia forces, including BT/Cooper and Briggs, boarded several Widow dropships to pursue the carrier.

Once the Militia caught up to the IMC aerial convoy, the dropship holding Jack and BT was swiftly destroyed by the Apex Predator Viper, causing the two to plummet through the sky before Barker rescued them. BT repeated the tactic used at the beacon and threw Cooper through the sky to land on a dropship piloted by the6-4, allowing him to board and commandeer the battleship IMS Malta to disable the AA guns preventing the Militia from attacking the Draconis. BT deployed onto the hull of the Malta, intending to help Jack reach the Draconis manually. However, the two were set upon once again by Viper, culminating in a brief fight between the two Pilots and their Titans. BT initially defeated the Northstar, causing Viper to lose control and fall from sight. However, the mercenary regained control of his Titan just long enough to ambush the two and push them off the Malta. With Viper's flight thrusters failing, they slammed onto the outer hull of the Draconis, now itself heavily damaged. Viper charged BT and pinned him to the floor, ripping off the Vanguard's left arm, but not before BT was able to blast the Northstar's front plating off, allowing Cooper to gun down Viper in his exposed cockpit.

BO Jack and BT.jpg

Victorious, the two boarded the Draconis to secure the Ark, with a crippled BT securing the device within his cockpit. However, despite Cooper's protests, the Titan refused to evacuate the doomed vessel and let Cooper die, instead shielding the Pilot with his chassis to protect him from the crash. The Draconis crashlanded on Typhon's surface, the impact destroying most of the rest of BT's chassis, leaving only his right arm and upper torso.

Unable to defend themselves, BT and Cooper were captured by the IMC, led by the Apex Predator commander himself, Kuben Blisk, and his last surviving lieutenant, Slone. Both Cooper and the remains of BT were airlifted to a site near the Fold Weapon for interrogation as to the Ark's whereabouts. When Blisk threatened Cooper's life by holding him at gunpoint, BT attempted a last-ditch effort to save his Pilot by revealing the Ark in his cockpit and swiping at Blisk and the guards with his good arm once they drew close. For his troubles, unfortunately, the rest of BT's chassis was completely destroyed by Slone in her Ion Titan, and both mercenaries retreated with the Ark in their possession, leaving Cooper to his fate.


Cooper survived the ordeal and recovered BT's AI core - his "eye" - from the wreckage of the Titan chassis, as well as the SERE Kit hidden within. Shooting his way out of the facility with his Smart Pistol MK6 and making his daring escape, Cooper made contact with Militia command and requested a new "empty" Titan without its core; the Titan FS-1041 made Titanfall nearby. With the AI core inserted into the new chassis, BT-7274 was reborn. After Pilot Jack Cooper boarded the Titan, they assaulted the Fold Weapon directly on foot, cutting their way through waves of defending IMC troops. Arriving in the Injection Room for the weapon, the duo confronted Blisk and Slone, the former speaking with General Marder's hologram to conclude their contract. Blisk left it to Slone to deal with the "Militia hero," but BT and Cooper defeated her in the ensuing showdown. Blisk came face-to-face with Cooper and the injured BT on-foot, but out of a show of respect for the pair (or sticking to the letter of his contract), the last Apex Predator spared the two and retreated.

However, with the Fold Weapon primed and ready to fire, BT and Cooper enacted a final gambit to stop the weapon, using the injector to launch themselves into the core as a sacrifice; BT believed his own reactor core, now exposed as a result of the previous confrontation, could destabilize the Ark at the weapon's center. At the last second, BT ripped Cooper out of his cockpit and hurled the Pilot to safety, leaving only the Titan to sacrifice himself to disrupt the power source and cause the weapon to malfunction. BT-7274 and the Fold Weapon were obliterated by the ensuing explosion, along with almost the entirety of Typhon itself in the process. With the superweapon destroyed and General Marder in retreat, the Militia declared victory.

After Jack Cooper arrives back at Harmony, a final post-credits scene shows Jack's helmet, sitting on a crate with his Smart Pistol, flashing a binary signal that translates to "Jack?". Given that BT previously inserted his AI into this helmet to communicate in different timestreams during Effect and Cause, this is possibly some fragment of BT's AI that survived the events of Typhon.

Titanfall: Assault

BT, a Militia Hero, is a Vanguard-Class Titan that can Execute any Doomed Titan. Burst Core increases his fire rate and reloads his weaponry with arc rounds.
— In-game synopsis

BT-7274, along with his Pilot Jack Cooper, was added as a playable Titan in Titanfall: Assault's 2.0 patch, on September 20, 2017. Armed with an XO-16 Chaingun and missile pods on his shoulders, he is a Legendary-tier Titan that a commander can add to their squad.

BT can gun down enemy targets using his XO-16 Chaingun or target multiple enemies with his missile pods (including Pilots). Like other Core Titans, he builds up his core with each successful attack and spends it immediately when his core gauge is full. His Burst Core, much like it was in Titanfall 2, powers up his chaingun with an improved fire rate and with arc rounds for increased damage. When a nearby enemy Titan is doomed, BT will speed up his movement considerably and close the gap in order to terminate the Titan and destroy it instantly (the termination resembles that of Legion's).

Like Jack Cooper, BT has multiple lines he can spout whenever he is called in for Titanfall. These include:

  • "BT-7274. You may call me BT."
  • "Protocol 2: Uphold the mission."


  • BT has a Wasp and tally marks representing enemy titan kills on his cockpit hatch, whether this is a decoration or call sign of his former squad is unknown.
    • The wasp logo is only present in pre-release screenshots and as the default Nose Art of the Monarch chassis - in the final game BT's chassis is decorated with a triangular SRS logo featuring a Prowler. The Wasp and tally pattern also appears on MacFarlane's BT model.
    • This wasp logo returns in Titanfall: Assault as part of his design.
  • As described in developer commentary, BT was intended to be much like a baby or young child in that he was slowly learning the mannerisms and thought processes of humans and how they operate. This is why many of his observations and musings tended to be more literal and lacking in subtext when interacting with humans, Cooper in particular. He is incapable of projecting sarcasm (though he does recognize it), lending to some unintentional dark humor on his behalf. That said, BT does demonstrate attachment and concern for his Pilot. He shows remorse for the death of Captain Tai Lastimosa; when asked about his service by Cooper, BT remarks that Lastimosa "was an excellent Pilot, and a good friend." When Cooper is in mortal danger later on, BT even goes as far as to proclaim that "I will not lose another Pilot!"
  • When acting autonomously, BT is naturally left-handed with his gun, though he does hurl Cooper with his right hand during each instance of the "fastball". Since Cooper is right-handed, BT becomes right-handed as well when Cooper takes control.
  • In Titanfall, a grunt comments on losing his job to a Spectre. Another retorts that by that logic, one day sentient Titans would "stomp all over grunts like [us]". BT (and by extension, the Vanguard-class as a whole) is perhaps the fruition of that comment, given how Vanguard Titans are far more intelligent than the IMC's mass-produced titan models. The same grunt also mentions "Spectre Pilots" in his retort, which appear in Titanfall 2 as well in the form of Simulacrums.
  • In development, BT was initially concieved to stand for "Buddy Titan".[1]
    • This is backed up by BT's model name in the game files: "titan_buddy.mdl".



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