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The subject of this article, Avenger, has been removed from the final version of the game or any other related media.

A weapon that sounds lethal even before it's been fired.
— Opening description in The Art of Titanfall

The Avenger is a Gatling gun that was cut from Titanfall.


Not much is known about the Avenger other than that it was a large Gatling gun. It is capable of dispensing thousands of rounds (presumably six thousand, according the decals on the weapon's concept art) per minute. It is unknown if this weapon was originally to appear in Titanfall and was cut, or is just an unusable materialization within The Frontier. Concept art has only appeared in The Art of Titanfall.


  • Due to the weapon's gatling-esque appearance, and it's name, Avenger, it is probably a reference to the real-life GAU-8/A Avenger, a gatling cannon mounted on the A-10 Thunderbolt II.
  • The idea of the Avenger was put into reality in the sequel, as the Predator Cannon, the signature weapon of Legion.
  • Another kind of Rotary Cannon was also added into Titanfall Online.
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