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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

The Atlas is the original Titan model produced by Hammond Robotics. It has a balance of mobility and armor, having more mobility than the Ogre, but more armor than the Stryder. This was the first Titan to be revealed.

The Atlas seems to be the second tallest Titan model, though exact measurements are unknown. Based on photos of the Atlas standing next to a pilot, it can be estimated to be between 20–25 feet tall. Its main entry point is in its chest, which opens up for the player. The Atlas also has a secondary entry point — a small hatch in the top. This is also the eject port for the Atlas.

The Atlas is the oldest Titan model on the Frontier and has instigated the development of both the Stryder and Ogre patterns. It was used through the Titan Wars, and onto the Frontier War where the Titanfall games take place.[1] The Atlas is equipped with a Damage Core, which, when ready, the pilot can activate on command to substantially increase damage dealt by the titan.



At the launch of Titanfall, the Atlas was the only model available at the the start of the game.[2] The default loadout given to new players is the Assault loadout. However, the Mortar Titan can also be encountered in Frontier Defense.


The stats for the Atlas Titan are below, they're best viewed on a relative scale to the other Titan Chassis. Each stat's ranking is displayed next to the stat unit. (Source)

Stat Name Stat Value Stat Unit Stat Ranking
Health 8,000 units 2
Walk Speed 5.3 meters per second 2
Walk Acceleration 7.5 meters per second squared Tied for 2nd
Crouch Speed 2.9 meters per second 2
Crouch Acceleration 3.8 meters per second squared 2
Sprint Speed 8.0 meters per second 2
Sprint Acceleration 2.3 meters per second squared 2
Melee Damage 1125 units 2
Melee Pushback 510 units Tied for 2nd
Dash Duration 0.3 seconds 2
Dash Interval 0.2 seconds Tied
Dash Stop Speed 6.7 meters per second 2
Dash Recharge Rate 12 units per second 2
Dashes 2 units 2
Jump Height 15 units Tied
Step Height 80 units



The Atlas, with its perfect balance of power and mobility' is an excellent Titan for all engagements and situations. Considered a Jack-of-All-Trades among the three Titan classes, it has more mobility than the Ogre, while being able to withstand much more punishment compared to the Stryder. Any Titan weapon works well with the Atlas, though mid-long range weapons such as the XO-16 Chaingun are recommended. The Atlas's main benefit is that it can potentially deal out the most damage of the three Titans due to its Damage Core.

The Atlas is the frontline attacker of the three Titans and should be used as such. The Atlas works well in moving into an area and clearing out any resistance. While Stryders are the Titans that actually go to acquire an objective (such as a Flag) or claim a Hardpoint, the Atlas is the Titan that covers the nimble Stryders. Several Atlas's working together make an effective assault unit that is capable of laying waste to any target.

The Atlas's place as the middle Titan gives it no specific benefits, Damage Core aside, but also no specific disadvantages. Though the Atlas has enough firepower to take on a Stryder and enough maneuverability to take on an Ogre, it does not excel in any one role as the other two are aside from serving as the main attacker. Therefore, the Atlas is best played in Attrition

Titanfall 2

The Atlas does not directly appear in Titanfall 2, though two Atlas derivatives are seen; Ion and Tone. Atlas Titans now have 10,000 health and one Dash by default (equivalent to a Titanfall Ogre). Sub-variants of these Titans include Tone Prime and Ion Prime. The Atlas is also seen on the map Boomtown, as multiple cardboard figures with red paint near the hatch.

Titanfall Online

The Atlas also makes an appearance in Titanfall Online, both in its basic form and with a Tier 2 variant. The Atlas Tier 2 has its own unique loadouts and skins, including the Atlas Gauntlet piloted by Jack. The basic Atlas has also recieved a slight redesign.

Titanfall: Assault

Though it hits slow, this time-honored Atlas Titan chassis also hits hard, specialized to destroy enemy Turrets and Heavy Titans.
— In-game description

The Atlas appears as a unit can be fielded in Titanfall: Assault. The standard version is equipped with an Arc Cannon.

Strategically, the Atlas is the designated anti-heavy Titan. It takes a few seconds to fire its single-target shot, but its charged shots are beefy and deal signficant damage to anything it hits, be it a Titan, a turret, or even a wayward Pilot. It can also conveniently store a charged shot to immediately unleash upon the first enemy it sees. Because it must pick its shots judiciously, the Atlas can't afford to be distracted, so make sure the area is clear of any wayward targets so it can deal damage where it will count the most. An escort helps as well, as an Atlas unharrassed and free to do its damage is devastating.



  • The Titanfall team looked to real-world inspirations for the Atlas, including current day battle tanks such as the M1A2 Abrams and FV4034 Challenger 2.[3]
  • The Titan has 6 entry animations which are activated depending on the location of the player when entering the Titan and includes 3 animations when just deployed and 3 after having been activated.
  • The Atlas is the only titan that has two points of entry: the front of the Titan that opens up, and a smaller hatch on top if the player is boarding from above.
  • When performing a Titan execution with the Atlas, the Titan will punch through the cockpit of the enemy Titan, pull out the pilot if present and throw them, killing them. This execution seems to be different depending on view points. If performing the Termination, Atlas will simply throw the pilot forward. If being Terminated, Atlas will rear it's arm back and throw the Pilot. If viewed from third person, Atlas throws the Pilot into the air, catches them and throws them forward.
  • The Atlas Refurb Burn Card will allow you to call an Atlas into battle at any time.
  • Before Update Six, Atlas had lowest melee damage of all titans. After the update it was changed, and now Atlas have higher melee damage than Stryder, completely fitting his "balance between Stryder and Ogre" role.
  • Agri Titan.jpg
    Titans resembling the Atlas make a minor apearance in the opening cutscene of Titanfall 2. In the opening cinematic, their silhouettes can be briefly seen carrying farming equipment and wheat. These are likely civilian modifications to the base Atlas chassis, or the base chassis from which the Atlas is derived.




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