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Assault is a default Titan loadout in Titanfall. It is unlocked at level 1. Of the three preset Titan loadouts, this Atlas configuration is the best choice for new Pilots, offering a fine balance of durability, mobility, and firepower. The XO-16 Chaingun is very easy to use, operating like a standard machine gun—albeit much larger. Use this primary weapon to chip away at the bodyshields and armor of enemy Titans—target those red spots to score critical hits. Once the Titan’s Damage Core ability is active, the XO-16 Chaingun and Rocket Salvo can dish out some extreme damage. But don’t stand still and take hit after hit during Titan battles. Use the Vortex Shield to catch and redirect incoming projectiles at your enemies. When necessary, retreat behind cover and let your bodyshield recharge— the Regen Booster Kit helps reduce the recharge time. If your Titan sustains heavy damage and enters its doomed state, the Auto-Eject Kit ensures you’ll escape without a scratch, temporarily cloaking your airborne Pilot in the process.

Chassis OS Voice
Atlas Betty
XO-16 Chaingun
Factory Issue
Tactical Ability
Vortex Shield
Rocket Salvo
Kit shield regen.png
Regen Booster
Kit auto eject.png