Artillery is a default Titan loadout in Titanfall. It is unlocked at level 3. If you prefer fast hit-and-run tactics, this is the loadout for you. This Stryder loadout is most effective when attacking at close range. The Quad Rocket primary weapon is capable of inflicting heavy damage, but its limited range and magazine capacity can leave the Titan vulnerable in some situations. So use the Stryder’s dashes and Dash Core to close the distance, attack with the Quad Rocket and Rocket Salvo, and then retreat before your target can retaliate. The Regen Booster Tier 1 Kit comes in handy for quickly recharging the Titan’s bodyshield, but you need to find cover first. But unlike the Ogre, don’t try any last-minute heroics in the Stryder—it has half the armor. While the Survivor Tier 2 Kit buys you more time during the doomed state, use that time to eject and scurry to safety.

Chassis OS Voice
Stryder Betty
Quad Rocket
Factory Issue
Tactical Ability
Vortex Shield
Rocket Salvo
Kit shield regen.png
Regen Booster
Kit doomed time.png
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